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I have already voiced out my disgust on the video clip revelation and now I want to look at the BIG PICTURE. I am doing this based on whatever I know through reading the newspapers and from the heated discussion and forum online today. The story of the sex video has indeed gone viral even foreign press have taken it up. And this is what the perpetrators of this whole episode have wanted: the whole world to know about this silly and yet embarrassing story ( as if the world cares, with the radiation worry in earthquake/tsunami Japan, Western air strike in Libya and Middle East continuing unrest, stock market volatility!).

Unless there are more facts or revelation coming out from this story, I am only thinking aloud in tandem with my blog’s mission. I am also expressing my thoughts based on my obsession with watching CSIs and stories on conspiracies on History Channel and NatGeo on Astro. I also love reading John le Carre, John Forsyth and other thriller writers who churn out bestsellers.

Now the video clip, if it were the work of the BN people then I must say they are desperate fools. They are fools because most people would not believe the video unless there is concrete evidence that the actor is Anwar. the PKR opposition leader, as Anwar unlike Chua Soi Lek, has categorically denied it at a press conference no less!

Who is Datuk T? This guy must come out in the open if he dares like the person who videotaped the “correct,correct,correct” lawyer on the appointment of judges during the tenure of Yusof Chin as the chief of Malaysian judges some years back. This Datuk T with his bodyguards dressed ala American Secret Service agents (according to the Star newspaper), is a smooth operator. He doesn’t seem to falter, too smooth like the whole thing has been choreographed to the t. The modus operandi is unlike the MCA sex videotape which was circulated and distributed anonymously. The revelation of this current video is far more explicit.

Could BN leaders have planned this revelation as a desperate attempt to “kill off” Anwar? Well many people think so. You just have to go on the internet and visit the various websites especially Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today and Free Malaysia, you will find most netizens there believe that this is the dirty works of BN politicians. Some even have the cheek to accuse Tun M of being in cahoot with the perpetrators. I notice they never leave the old man alone. They also brought up the subject of Altantuya and Najib and refused to believe his innocence. But they readily believe Anwar.

This video almost always would make those who hate BN believe more firmly that the latter is trying to get Anwar. And those who are supporters of BN would continue to reject Anwar, and what about the fence sitters? As I said, without proper proof, these people are going to think twice about the authenticity of the video.

Again I wish to reiterate that if BN people made the video, they are fools if they think that most people are going to believe it especially when the current strong perception is that BN is going all out to kill off Anwar’s ambition to be Malaysian next Prime Minister.

Now have you ever thought that the perpetrators of this video could be the opposition themselves? I find it rather uncanny Anwar should be unusually quick to call for a press conference and come out with solid alibi on the evening he was supposed to have sex with the woman? If the people behind this video are the opposition members themselves you can see that their action is designed to make people hate the BN party which appears to indulge in this dirty tactic…. “dah tak ada modal lagi “or in English, no more ideas to destroy Anwar and so they are forced to resort to this “secret taping”.

If the opposition are the perpetrators of the whole episode, I must say they have somewhat achieved their objective of making the world dislike and become more suspicious of the current government who continue to fight dirty against a hapless Anwar. That is what Anwar and his supporters would like people to think and act, by destroying the credibility of BN. This is a type of misinformation strategy so popular during the second world war.

Remember folks, there are two sides to the coin. We must be neutral in this political war and only express our sentiment at the ballot box. Before that we must look at the whole thing unemotionally as not to cloud our analysis and judgement.

If the interested parties are really sincere in solving this video tape case, they should bring everything to bear in order to get to the bottom of this revelation. For BN, it is to convince the public that they are not in the business of continuing to destroy Anwar. For opposition party they need to appease people with lateral thinking unless of course they are the real culprits.

I label BN perpetrators as foolish if they think they could pull wool over people’s eyes. Equally I would label Opposition perpetrators as too exceedingly clever for their own good. Either way we should only judge when we have facts issued by an independent body. But in Malaysia the truth seems best kept secret.


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