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Today Malaysian newspapers are abuzz with the story on a video clip of a sex act between a man allegedly a well-known opposition leader and a woman claimed to be a prostitute in a hotel room. As expected the video is made “secretly” with the use of four CCTV cameras for maximum impact. The revelation of this blinking video is timely so as to coincide with the Sarawak State Assembly dissolution on Monday 21 March to pave the way for a general election where BN component parties will be up against their opposition the like of SNAP, DAP and PKR. This video is supposed to tell the Sarawak people and the Malaysian public in general what an amoral person the opposition leader is and therefore to reject him and his party.

The person behind the video revelation, calling himself “Datuk T” has gone to elaborate steps to call newspapers journalists to an exclusive hotel Carcosa Seri Negara, to view the said video. It looks like it has been staged at a great expense. The object is to shame the opposition leader who by now everybody knows look like Anwar Ibrahim the embattled de facto leader of PKR ( People Justice Party). Anwar is currently on trial for allegedly sodomising his former young male aide named Saiful.

My involuntary response is one of disgust.

No, I am not disgusted with the couple caught in the sex act by the video. I am angry at the people who did this, the people who invaded other people’s privacy and what more, it is done in order to “kill” someone’s political aspiration. We see what happens in 2008 when the ex- Minister of Health, Chua Soi Lek an MCA deputy president was brought down by such a video made by his political enemies. In that case he, being terribly honest, decided to own up and asked for forgiveness and later the gutsy old man was voted back into the MCA hierarchy as a President no less.. I salute you Soi Lek! Even his wife is now sticking by him.

Again as expected both sides denied having anything to do with the video. Anwar promptly called a press conference to deny his physical presence at the time the video was supposed to have been recorded. Without seeing the video himself, he said the man in the video had pot-belly whereas he had none ( showing his belly to those present). His wife very sedately sitting by his side as if saying ” I am sticking by him!”. And Hishammudin, the Home Minister, later confirmed by his cousin Najib, the Prime Minister, said rather defensively that the police or Special Branch have nothing to do with the video.

Denials all round. The best defence when one is guilty is to deny,deny,deny.

As a concerned citizen I am more frightened about the ease with which people can videotape you in a hotel room! I travel a lot and stay in various good hotels in KL and what if some voyeur made a video of me and my spouse at our most vulnerable and post it on the internet for good measure? It could happen to anybody, you or me. We the consumers should demand that the hotel association issue an assurance that their CCTV installation is only for common areas. Otherwise foreign tourists will avoid Malaysia like the plague! This is like stealing people’s morality. It is not tangible but all the same it is done with the intention of breaking someone and his family, shaming him/her and destroying his/her reputation and perhaps even career.

As a civil society we should reject this kind of vulgar culture. Laws should be promulgated to punish these people who use technology to embarrass/destroy others. Granted that sometimes authorities will use technology like phone tapping and video as evidence to convict criminals but the court must decide on the intention on such usage.

So far the two sex video clips are made for political purposes. Some people are bent on using the so called picture evidence to win the hearts and minds of the people to reject someone in politics. Yes, politics are dirty when the players are desperate. Not only desperate for power but more so for the filthy wealth and the decadent lifestyle that go with it.

In the meantime, someone should make a police report on “Datuk T” for possession of pornographic materials and he should be arrested and made to tell who his sources are. Retrieving the video from a locked hotel drawer is all “bull” to me. I am making this suggestion with tongue in cheek because knowing how Malaysian police work, I do not think they would have a clue on how to go about all this. Or is it another case of selective investigation?

But folks, I have my double take on this disgusting episode. See my next posting.


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