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I am sick and tired of glancing, yes, glancing (no longer reading) at the news on Anwar’s sodomy 11 protracted trial. First he tried to stop the hearing then he tried to delay it… Gosh! There is an accuser with evidence stuck in his ar** and that evidence (the alleged semen) could only be confirmed by comparing it with Anwar’s DNA sample so if Anwar were innocent why does he need to worry? Please end this bloody long trial. It is wasting tax payers’ money. I am sure many of you would agree with me that this trial has been excessively lengthy, on many occasions the delays were due to the defense giving too many excuses and Anwar’s traveling all over the world trying to gather international support for him and whining away that the trial is politically motivated.

Saiful the accuser

The only black point in this whole episode is the fact that the man Saiful the accuser had gone to see PM Najib before going to the police and this has led people to question the reason for this trial. Just imagine this man Saiful who had admitted that Anwar was his hero and managed to get really close to the politician, going around with him to places like Singapore and Bangkok and when he was sexually abused ( perhaps earlier with his consent as well) he decided to run to the leader of a rival party which happens to be in power, thinking that it was some kind of a scoop for the ruling party to finally get rid of this double-faced politician.

The man has alleged/reported that he was sexually assaulted and has evidence to prove it. Why can’t they let him prove that it was not mutual and that to prove the assault, he has the semen to be confirmed by the culprit’s DNA? Why is Anwar so reluctant to provide his DNA sample? Now he is thinking the Chemistry Department and the hospital are all out to get him as well… how paranoid can one be! Remember he had earlier requested to be tried in the shariah court and that Saiful must produce four witnesses (as required under Muslim shariah law)… Jesus, this is the twenty first century, in case you are not aware. But basically he wanted to argue and out talk everybody because that is what he knows best.

Anwar Ibrahim

Just give your DNA sample and get on with it and end this boring trial and let us go on with more pressing matters like trying corrupt politicians such as Khir Toyo the ex MB (Chief Minister) of Selangor and investigating Taib Mahmud, the long term Chief Minister of Sarawak for amassing wealth for his family from the state’s business, land and timber resources through alleged corrupt practices. Because the government appears selective in the prosecution of cases, people tend to suspect that there is a Mala Fide case in Anwar’s trial and Anwar capitalizes on this public perception to get away with his alleged criminal action.

If the court is concerned about finding the truth then compel Anwar to give that sample otherwise discharge him on technical ground which is going to leave a bad taste in many peoples’ mouth. And do we need another Royal Commission of Inquiry? God forbid. We will be the laughing stock of the world.

We have had enough of this boring trial.


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