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Google LOVE on Valentine's Day 2011

I have been celebrating Valentine’s Day since my high school days overseas. I found it to be a day to look forward to as I would receive several lovely cards and in turn I would send a couple to others. No, I did not have anyone special then. It was just admirers.

The concept then was to let those who you like and admire that they are thought of. It is a little different from the original concept of heightened remembrance of one’s love that is a one to one affairs. So it was not uncommon for a girl or boy to have received more than one of those lovely valentine cards. And of course eventually you would graduate to this one to one level when mutual attraction is finally established an a meaningful relationship nurtured.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is definitely not religious. Why is it seen as so is beyond me. In some Malaysian states apparently they are mounting religious enforcement teams to arrest those unmarried couples from what is termed as “immoral activities”. These so called activities actually take place every day and not only on Valentine’s Day. And to proclaim that Valentine’s Day is a religious celebration is an affront to the targeted religion or any religion for that matter as no religion would promote immoral activities causing chaos in societies. Let us be sensitive to others so that we can live a longer and happier life.

Education is the best way to promote young peoples’ awareness towards responsible relationship. But we have to accept that it would not be 100% effective as you have people who are just not able to be educated however hard one tries due to their biological make-up or abnormal upbringing/atrocious childhood experiences which have mentally scarred them. It is this oft stated 10% which societies have to deal with. Putting a restrictive blanket cover over the others is not justifiable. So the so-called moral policemen, please give us a break!

By the way, I just received a lovely greeting from my Valentine this morning and I feel exhilarated . Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Life is too short ( shorter still for Malaysians as they die earlier due to non-communicable diseases according to Malaysia’s Minister of Health today).

Valentine’s Day trap? I don’t get it.

Let’s make Love not War.


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