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Teo Beng Hock was a special assistant to a Democratic Action Party Exco in Selangor State in Malaysia. He was found dead on 16 July 2009 apparently falling from the 14th floor of a building. He went to the building the day before as a witness to be interviewed by the officers of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Council (MACC) on an alleged corruption case.

Teo Beng Hock -May your death not be in vain

The public outcry was deafening. How did he fall? Was there an element of foul play? The post-mortem was not conclusive. Then an inquest into the death was established which took months to complete.

When I saw the anger and anguish on the face of Beng Hock’s sister upon hearing the open verdict of his death inquest , I felt an uneasy tinge in my heart, an irrepressible sadness overwhelmed me but however great my sadness that of Beng Hock’s parents and siblings must be greater. It was reported that the sister was virtually screaming in fury at the findings. What kind of findings is that?

Beng Hock death was neither due to suicide nor homicide? Did he die of natural causes? Why then his body found in that strange position on the fifth floor open space of the building?

If Beng Hock were my brother, I want to know what happened to him at the point of death and the circumstances surrounding his untimely death. I could not accept that he killed himself as I would have known him better living in the same house. I would have liked the best forensics expert in the world to examine his body. I would want, God , if possible the CSI team from the FBI in US. I would want the investigation to be thorough with not a shred of evidence being secreted. I would want everybody to be telling the truth, I would want transparency on the part of the authorities, I WOULD WANT JUSTICE!

Let the Truth prevail

With the establishment of the Royal Commission Of Inquiry into Beng Hock’s tragic death, I hope and pray that there would be closure in this whole sad event. I applaud the decision of PM Najib to recommend to the King (Yang Di Pertuan Agung) to establish the commission. Let no stones be unturned.

The three month’s period seemed short, but with the Commission’s wide powers, all the documentations of the death inquest would be already at their disposal. All they need to do is to prioritise their focus and draw up the timelines on each segment of the chain of events. The coroner would no doubt be assisting in this process as the evidences before him during the inquest could not help him to conclude on the cause of death.

For the sake of justice, the Royal Commission has a crucial task before them. Their scope is now not only to scrutinise the MACC interrogation procedures but to determine the cause of Beng Hock’s death.

Beng Hock is not my brother but being a concerned citizen, I am waiting for the commission’s findings with bated breath.

Let Beng Hock’s death not be in vain.


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