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When I read about the news how heroic were our naval commandos in saving our Malaysian oil tanker from being taken by the worthless pirates from the government-less Somali, I was elated as we would not be subject to ransom and long drawn out haggling with the sea terrorists. Then I saw the pictures of those captured pathetic pirates being gallantly guarded by our hooded heroes and it struck my mind how the hell were these people going to be dealt with? I remember there were some issues about these captured pirates the last time the Americans stormed a hijacked ship in the Gulf of Aden. Surely we are not going to have these sea savages coming to Malaysia! Just release them into the sea in a boat back to where they come from. The South Korean commandos had a better permanent solution. They killed them all.

Faces of Somali pirates with their killing weapons

This morning, as I had feared, we the Malaysian tax payers will have to feed and house these scum of the earth for a long time seeing that our government has no choice but to take them in as no country in their right mind would want to have these criminals in their jails. Don’t talk to me about human rights here, these bastards with AK-47 assault rifles and even rocket launchers, would have no mercy if they got you and worse still they might even callously traumatise and kill those crews of our hijacked ship if ransom had not been paid or if they were threatened.

To have seven of these desperate criminals in our jail is to ask for trouble as they would not know how to communicate with us, what the hell is their language by the way? Giving them good treatment might encourage more of their countrymen to target Malaysian ships instead of Korean ones as the Korean naval commandos take virtually no prisoners. The Somali pirates might even ask for sanctuary in Malaysia citing political persecution in their land.

We have enough of trouble-making Africans and drug-loving Iranians in our country, these Arab-African so called Muslim would be no difference and what is more frightening, they can handle automatic weapons. And they have nothing to lose. I bet Human Rights groups are going to watch like a hawk how Malaysians treat these captured pirates and would issue a round of condemnation should they perceive that the men not being treated well. I hope they separate them rather than putting them in a group and show them our jail is no holiday hotel.

Please don’t talk to me about being merciful as these pirates would have no such concept and would have anybody shot for all they cared. These are not civil men and if you talk about being civilised, you are just kidding yourself because as far as these pirates are concerned, you can talk about being civil, being merciful and being humane only if you were lucky enough to be alive.

There are still more than 50 international ships and 700 crews being detained by the Somali pirates in Somali waters. They are waiting for ransom to be paid and imagine how those captured crews are being treated, I think Malaysian jails are much better with available health facilities.

If ransom are paid, the money will be used not only to feed their people but to build more pirates’ infrastructures and buy more sophisticated weapons to sustain their piracy activities. They come to the ship with the intention of hijacking the ships and kidnapping the crews, and what is the sentence for kidnapping with the use of offensive weapons? In Malaysia if you are found in possession of a weapon you could be sentenced to death.

Anyway, those seven Somali sea criminals will arrive in Malaysia on 31 Jan 2011. I am certainly not looking forward to having them here in our country. And once having served their sentence, how to repatriate them later when they do not even have a government?


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