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May there Always be Light in our Life

A season’s greeting to all my blog visitors. May Good Health and Happiness be with you all always. While we celebrate in peace in Malaysia we must not forget all our friends in those countries battling with extreme cold weather and those in areas of conflict. Everyone in this world should have the right to practice their faith. We should all fight to preserve that basic right!

The year 2010 is slowly and surely coming to an end. We remember lives lost and victims of natural disasters such as massive earthquake in Haiti in the dawn of 2010, the disastrous BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the volcano eruption and tsunami in Indonesia, the massive flood in Pakistan, the mine tragedy in New Zealand, the drowning of refugees off the coast of Christmas Island and the recent most horrific bus crash in Genting killing 27 passengers.

Economically though with a lot of uncertainties, the world is recovering in 2010. The Stock Markets have performed generally commendably well despite spurts of bad news. The European debt crisis poured some cold water to the speed of recovery. We are also concerned with the “double dip” global recession fear throughout the first half of the departing year.

On the local scene we have seen a tremendous improvement since PM Najib took over. Minimal internal bickering in UMNO the major BN component party is noted and so is MCA and MIC with their new leaders at the helm. Pakatan Rakyat seems to have lost some steam and the General Election 13 seems to be around the corner in 2011 so let us choose our government wisely. There must be some opposition in whatever government so that we can strike a balance in our political make-up.

On another note, I remember with joy the World Cup in South Africa in June , the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi and the Asean games in Guangzhou , China. all spectacularly organised bridging more international understanding in our world through sports.

And on 21 December 2010 the world witnessed a once in 400 -years phenomenon of a total lunar eclipse. It was one of the rare winter solstice ever experienced by the world inhabitants… what does it mean for the universe?

Lunar eclipse- when the Sun, the Earth and the Moon align

May 2011 be a better year for all of us… less natural disasters, less conflicts, less terrorism and less corruption especially in Malaysia and a more genuinely vibrant stock market!


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