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When the ex-Dental officer was chosen by the former Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Mahathir (now Tun) to become the Menteri Besar (Chief Minister ) of Selangor, I was very relieved as I thought here was a man who was not corrupt and would be able to lead UMNO in Selangor with integrity. I have heard that those previous Chief Ministers (Menteri Besar) of Selangor had been corrupt as Selangor was the richest state then in terms of foreign investments and there were many opportunities to make money out of those business deals. Dr Khir Toyo seemed a decent guy. In fact I met him once and was quite impressed with his caring ways.

I was however not happy at all when (in 2007) he presented a broom during a public ceremony to a Head of a government department in Selangor for apparently not achieving certain targets. I thought he was being exceedingly mean to humiliate another human being in such a manner. It crossed my mind that the poor officer would be cursing this arrogant man and somehow retribution was imminent. This man, Khir Toyo who certainly had forgotten his polite immigrant Javanese root!

Then came the disastrous March of 2008 election in which his party was soundly defeated and in turn had to be the opposition leader. Then we heard of how he had used government (taxpayers’) money for his family to visit Disneyland in the US while he was in power. We also heard that with his Chief Minister’s salary he could build a mansion which according to people had cost 24mil but according to him, 3.5mil.

In today’s paper we at last are told that the cost of the two lots of land where he built his Bali-themed mansion,was actually 3.5mil. He is dragged by MACC (Malaysian Anti-corruption Council) officers to court and charged with corruption on the “purchase” of the two lots of land which was extremely undervalued. How could a Menteri Besar (MB) have built that super-luxury mansion? He came from a poor family we all know that. He is no Mokhtar Albukhary, Vincent Tan, Lim Goh Tong or Ananda Krishnan who are in the list of Malaysian wealthiest businessmen. Khir Toyo has got no tangible business, he was just a “bloody” peoples’ representative and yet loaded with tons of money he is! Stinking corruption what else? What else?

Interestingly he is being charged around this time when PM Najib is frantically building up the image of Barisan National (BN) or national Front in the run up to a snap election to face the opposition. In BN’s manisfesto-like statements, the fight against corrupt practices is specifically spelt out. Is Khir Toyo being made an example of Najib’s resolve to show Malaysians that he means business? I hope it would not be like the case of Kasitah Gadam during the era of Badawi the flip flop PM. Kasitah Gadam was a Federal minister who was dragged to court for corruption in the early phase of Badawi’s forgettable period, only to be let off free after a long trial. Najib’s fight against corruption would lend credibility if this Khir Toyo’s case is successfully prosecuted and this culprit sentenced appropriately.

An aerial view of the luxury mansion that Khir Toyo built in Shah Alam

I must say I am very disappointed with Khir Toyo. The Dentist turned bad by being in politics. If it hadn’t been for the change of government in Selangor, I do not think this low down corrupt politician would ever be found out. Only Nature can teach him a lesson for abusing his entrusted position like being struck by lightning or by a stroke, paralysing him for good. Indeed God functions in mysterious ways.

And as for those corrupt politicians who are not yet exposed, remember when you hear thunder, hide under your bed and when you experience that tingling sensation running down your spine, prepare to cry to your maker!


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