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I do not know much about this guy except seeing him on TV every now and then as a host. He certainly has the look and the gift of the gab to go with it and now I found out that he is also married to Datin Rosmah’s daughter ( Azrene Soraya Abd Aziz) with her first husband.So there is a veneer of connection?

Apparently he has cut a few albums thus the pop singer as well a composer and established himself as a motivation speaker courted by many public institutions of higher learning. He even established a college under the name of Fazley International College (FIC), became its director and managed to get the courses run by him validated by the University of Wales, UK in 2007. Wow, what an all-rounder!

Fazley Yaakob- An all rounder fraudster?

He has also put a Dr in front of his name and given his qualifications as MBA and PhD from European Business School purportedly in Cambridge UK, no less. Yesterday (09 Nov 2010) a BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) programme exposed him as a fraud as those qualifications are bogus and from a bogus institution. The UK Minister of Education has chided the University of Wales for corroborating with this man Fazley, bringing disrepute to the perceived quality education usually synonymous with the British.

Someone asked why there is no monitoring by the authorities of this kind of cheating? He was able to masquerade as a highly educated man, giving motivation seminars here and there including universities, feeding his ego and filling up his pockets… highly entrepreneurial indeed!

I hazard to guess why this man is able to pull wool over the public eye. Firstly he must have come from a relatively well to do Malay family, he can talk well and also relate in English. He has the look and he has the connection and don’t forget he is a Bumiputra, son of the soil when everything and anything goes. It must have been easy for him to secure loans and approvals for whatever projects he plans.

In Malaysia, appearance seems to be very important and usually reputation precedes the man. Once you are at that level who would dare to question your qualifications? Eventhough it is a bit unbelievable for man born in 1978 getting MBA and PhD by 2007 ( at the age of 28 ), he must have been a child genius! Where is his thesis and on what? Who was his supervisor? Though now we have been informed that the institution he claims he gets his doctorate from is actually non-existent, truly bogus.

And as if to support his lies, the Minister of Higher Education said for one to run a college one did not need qualifications. Aiiyaa, Mr Minister, please come back to the real issue here, the point is, here we have a man who cheats the public by pretending he has worked very hard and is recognised by those degrees, a master and doctorate no less!

Many young people in local institutions look up to him, many seminar organisers invite him to give talks to their audience and now we know that someone who can speak well and read well can present all those motivation talks by regurgitating what others have researched hard and put in their books!

Now, even a gregarious SPM student with a good speaking ability and a love for reading can give motivation talks but without credibility (degrees like MBA and PhD to go after your name ), nobody would want to listen to you. So Fazley “cooked-up”” these desired attributes and nonchalantly fooling everyone.

Nobody could see the lies behind the facade. He lies to the University of Wales ( serve them right because these people were only out looking to make money from desperate Asians). He even deceives Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA), (shame,shame). And it takes a foreign organisation to expose this fraudster.

I cannot help but thinking aloud about this man who seems to display an array of character traits of a pathological liar. His reaching such a social status is indicative of an ignorant and gullible society that we are becoming. Being a “successful” Bumiputera entrepreneur, he could have been conferred with the respectable and rather ubiquitous title of “Datukship” before long, further ridiculing the masses. And yes, he has put A.D.K and A.M.K whatever they mean, after his name.

An egotistical man and a moral disaster! Period



  1. Though I barely know him but there is always two side of stories about where he got his MBA and Doctorate. You should get the fact right before you condemned him as this wasn’t his fault. When he enrolled his MBA it was conducted by a private entity under Saiful & Ernest Sdn Bhd – MBA and PHD from Irish University – modules are based on Cambridge University. He sat for the classes, exams and all that. Then, years after that it was declared that they do not recognized these MBAs and PHDs in Malaysia and the very company that was promoting for these scholars were also Kaput. Previously, when one wanted to enroll to this program, one can apply from epf to pay for the fees, etc. Many has managed to withdraw through their epf for the payment and graduated. If this program was bogus then, epf wouldn’t approve withdrawal at all. Just telling the fact on his mba and phd.

  2. Nice story, it is the requirement of most Uni to take the exam at their main campus, just to be sure the right person sit for the exam and not some hired gurus. Same goes for defending your thesis. In Malaysia evaluation marks were done in pencil, don’t know why but that’s what it is, a certain someone is able to erase and write something else. You can also enrolled in automotive engineering, paid through EPF scheme and yet not accredited by LAN. So there’s another story to that, but by saying you are not aware and finished through doctorate is just bull.

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