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As many of my blog visitors have noticed, I am a great fan of the current MCA president. He was the best Minister of Health that we ever had and will never have by the look of the present MCA crops of leaders, that is if PM Najib still insists on giving the post to MCA. Turning to Soi Lek, without doubt he is a good leader with an astute mind that is why he was voted back into the political system. A good leader is one who is not afraid to express his mind. He would be good in countries which value openess and personal conviction. He is not so good for Malaysia unless he can play to the music and vary his steps subtly.

He went to the recent UMNO general assembly, Oct 2010, the first time as president of MCA, a BN party component as its representative. ( I tell you many women really wanted to look at close quarters how a self-confessed adulterer looks like, so they gawked at him!) and many found that they just could not believe that the good doctor with such polished manner and sharp rebuke was but that.

After the fiery debate by various UMNO bigmouths on the enshrined rights of their ethnic group in the constitution and the so called “social contract” before 1957 independence of Malaya, the reporters, sensing something sensational that could increase their papers’ sale, asked the good doctor what he thought of the debate and being a rational man as he is, he answered quite intelligently that these race issues could be discussed within closed doors. In other words, no need to beat the drum to incite and give wrong signals to the people causing panic and unnecessary dissatisfaction. I cringed when I heard his curt reply on national TV. And sure enough, the next day, the vociferous UMNO men, many wanted to show their ethnic group that they were fighting for them, retorted openly that they would not discuss these things “indoors or outdoors”! Typical rhetoric.

So then on the various official functions, we only saw Liow Tiong Lai following the PM, possibly because he is a cabinet minister as Soi Lek is not. This situation is not helping Soi Lek to have more interactions with the people that matter in UMNO. I am sad as I think Soi Lek is more of a rational thinker than Liow though unfortunately when comes to matters of the heart he was not that “thinkable”!

I really hope time will heal and people will finally accept that a good leader is judged by what he delivers. I am not saying Anwar Ibrahim is in this category. At least Soi Lek owned up to his indiscretion unlike the latter who is living a life of a lie ( I am basing my conclusion on the court proceedings so far therefore I stand corrected). It must have been hard for Chua to steer his ship under current circumstances.

My unsolicited advice to Soi Lek is to be steadfast and pursue your political agendas for the good of the country and racial harmony. I weep for you and I pray for you. At the same time I do not necessarily subscribe to all your political manoeuvrings that could tilt the delicate social balance in this country.

We know who are the people who have contributed significantly to the economic development of this country. But this development cannot happen if our country is not politically stable so we have each other to depend on. The racial polarisation that we see so much today is due to foreign culture of segregation, a form of unfortunate apartheid, as old as time immemorial. We nevertheless should continuously work at it.

My hope is the political leaders of this beloved country know their boundaries and do not use their clout to harp on racial sensitivities and hurt others to stay in power because that power will not last forever.



  1. The good Chinese man takes care of family,society and country,
    Like Tan Siew Sin of MCA,
    Like Lee Lam Thye of DAP,
    Like Lim Guan Eng of Penang,
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    This man is not a good role model for Malaysian Chinese..

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