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I have read about the unhappiness expressed by some quarters about Namewee’s latest video posting. It was first brought out in the open by a female wing of a political party’s Head. I have seen his video on our national anthem, I must be one of the singular people as I saw the funny side and laughed at it. So was his video berating TNB ( National Power Ltd) for frequent power outages in his area. It was also so funny that I could not stop laughing at his antics. At the same time, in his small ways, he is sending a message of public frustration at the power giant.

Today I decided to see what his latest video is all about. Oh Jesus! Namewee you did it again, and actually I saw him as a sad and frustrated guy in a skull cap merely letting out his feelings of despair and anger at the recent racist remarks made by a head teacher who is from a majority ethnic group in Malaysia. What he sang in a rap style music was factual but maybe the way he put it, so as to be thought-provoking and controversial might not be well received by some segment of our society.

Namewee is artistic in a rough and tumble way. He is like the “Mexican puppeteer” who was telling a story of hopes in a community in his restive country. While the puppeteer was using the puppets to help people find ways to rise up against social injustice, Namewee is heckling at the people who appear to cause this injustice. In so doing he wreaks the ire of the people whom he mocks. Now the authorities are talking about charging him for sedition.

Maybe I am not really good at English as it is not my mother tongue, but what is so seditious about what he says? The fact that it is his ethnic group that is creating economic activities in Malaysia is well known and accepted. So is the fact that his ethnic group was “pendatang” (immigrants) is also well known but they are the later immigrants compared to the majority ethnic group that came much earlier to Malaya from the Indonesian archipelagos.

The real natives of Malaya then are the aborigines found in forested areas of the country. So nobody has the right to ask anybody born and bred in Malaysia to return to their land of origin or land of their forefathers! It seems to me the head teacher who so arrogantly declared that the Chinese should go back to China, is herself could be asked to return to Java, the land of her forefathers, as she looks like one!

I like my favourite politician, the newly elected president of MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association) Soi Lek’s comments on this contentious issues of racism. He said in response to a question regarding Namewee’s impending charge for sedition, that he did not mind that these people be charged, including the head teacher in Kulai Johor and that in Bukit Selambau Kedah. Both teachers made hurtful racist remarks as well.

Let justice appears to be done and stop selective prosecution as far as perceived racism is concerned.

Namewee’s “artistic” expressions reflect the frustration of his community. The Najib’s government should do well to heed this openness and handle the issue intelligently and resist from making a “social martyr” of Namewee.


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  1. Namewee is speaking the truth whether those people like it or not. They can call him defiant and social ‘anarchist’ all they want, but Namewee is a real brave person.

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