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Loathe as I am talking about this subject, I am called to think aloud on it. The recent surge in reported sex crime in the country is disturbing. We heard of cases of incest and child rape being reported more often now than two decades ago. The latest being a school van driver who raped children he sent to school!

I want to separate the “genuine” pedophile in my discussion as I believe these “mentally-sick” individuals have different characteristics like obsessively collecting, storing and exchanging child pornography, expressly seeking children for sexual gratification despite their easy exposure to adults and, could themselves be victims of sexual abuse when they were children.

I am talking here about non-pedophile men who release their sexual urges on children such as their own or under their care because they have no other way of fighting/controlling their demonic hormone (testosterone). Incest, it is alleged, is somehow more prevalent in the rural area and now becoming prevalent in the urban set-up.

With the pornographic materials being so easily obtainable by all and sundry, it is a cause for concern. Somehow those erotic images are able to stimulate the sexual urges of men and women alike. Studies have shown that men and women presented with those pictures have visible changes in certain parts of their brain as detected on scan machine.

Whatever you’d like to say, certain men have more of this sex hormone and tragically some of these men could have suffered from silent growth in their bodies leading to abnormal production of such hormone. So my point is, there is actually no way of stopping these men from releasing their sexual urges (unless through castration) even on their own children especially when their wives have left them or have passed away. Society has to come to terms with this reality and do something about it.

In fact from time immemorial, society the world over have somehow and somewhat solved this problem by having brothels, much as we despise the thought. There is a need for this “unsavory industry” if we were going to truly protect our children. If properly regulated it could help reduce despicable child rapes. It would be interesting to look at the statistics for child rapes in countries which have legalised prostitution, like New Zealand and the Netherlands.

It brings to mind the large number of so-called “comfort women” for the Japanese army stationed outside their country during the second world war. If it hadn’t been for those women, a lot of local women, young girls and perhaps children would have been rape victims. We have heard of invading armies and armed men raping women in areas of conflict like Sarajevo, Somali and Sudan.

I am not promoting prostitution as such because we know the industry is full of vices such as human trafficking, extortion and drugs. But why can’t we meet half-way so as to protect our innocent young? Singapore is doing a wonderful program with their commercial sex-workers, why can’t we do the same here in Malaysia? Albeit in a quite manner. We can’t possibly castrate all those men. Why, some of them really look normal and respectable, like being married with children and having a good job.

Yes, I know the morally-upright “dead-shit” (pardon my lingo) will go all out to reject this suggestion of “controlled prostitution” and licensed commercial sex-workers to cater for such men. Anyway the industry has never been really eradicated despite the many raids conducted by some authorities. These so called good people would rather have the children being raped and perpetrators sent to jail if convicted. Before long our jails will be full of these men and affected children being mentally traumatized for the rest of their lives.

We have heard of hidden “shacks” in jungles used as “brothels” by foreign workers and subsequently raided by the authorities, not once but several times. I would have the shacks properly controlled anytime rather than having those young and sexually -active foreign workers raping our innocent women and children! It is always too late when rape has happened. What if it happened to your mother, wife or daughter? Remember the bus driver who raped and killed the young overseas-trained computer programmer a few years ago? She was alone in that fateful bus. The monster was arrested,tried, convicted and sentenced to death, yet there is that lingering anger which refuses to go away.

If only we could study the brain of these morally- straight people using brain scan while being forcibly shown erotic pictures. They are abnormal if they are not stimulated. Then they would have a first-hand experience of the same explosive demon in them and perhaps finally understand what the real issues are and give their support to the proposed strategy of affordable “controlled prostitution”.

So, unless we could rein in those highly (sexed) virile men and the availability of pornography in our midst, we are not going to reduce rapes of innocent and vulnerable women and children.


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