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This morning, Tuesday August 4, we read about the double death of a married UMNO ex-assembly man and his aide, a Wanita UMNO divorced woman in a car on the North-South Highway in Peninsular Malaysia. Any good forensics investigator would have known whether it was a suicide cum murder incident or a double murder event.

Since the car skidded and went out of control pointed to the fact that the driver was shot while driving and according to the report, once. The woman was allegedly shot twice. Now if the murderer was the woman, how could she have shot herself twice? If the murderer was the man, how could he have shot himself while driving on the road? Very mysterious indeed as the man’s pistol was in the car and there were spent bullets being reported.

Crime scene investigations would definitely unravel the mystery as to the distance the pistol was pointed at and the blood splatter pattern on both victims. I expect the case to be speedily solved following the post mortem, ballistic and forensic reports establishing what really happened.

But this is not really my point of thinking aloud here. I remember some years ago a married Wanita UMNO head of Kg Keramat in Kuala Lumpur was murdered in a hotel. Apparently she was strangled by her own handbag’s belt. The murderer was duly charged and later sentenced to death. I still remember his face and that of his pregnant wife. The young man was having an affair with the murdered older woman, living off her money in the process.

Then we heard of a brutal murder of a prominent Wanita UMNO member in yet another hotel in East Malaysia. The details of the court hearing were torrid and horrid. This married tudung-clad woman was having lurid extra-marital affairs with several? younger studs including one from a foreign country. The police apparently arrested the alleged killer, a hotel waiter who often attended to the dead woman who regularly patronised the one-star hotel, but the court released him as there was a reasonable doubt on account of the blood of an unknown man ( heard that before in the unsolved Norita’s murder case) found at the scene. The killer, whoever he was, escaped scot free.

Then there was this married Wanita UMNO head in some East Coast FELDA village who was also murdered a couple of years back that I did not really follow as I was beginning to cringe at this uneasy pattern. For she too was having an extra-marital affair. Looks like a few of these ladies are treating their membership like those of some social clubs, enabling them to travel here and there meeting and socialising. Their spouses at home would not have been aware of their dark and sordid activities. I don’t know about the other parties’ women’s wings, but so far there is no such violence being reported in the papers.

Now, could those two shot UMNO members have an affair? Only people close to them would know. Crime of passion are commonly very brutal and inexplicable. Being in a car in close proximity between a Muslim man and woman would constitute “khalwat” in Islam, I believe. I remember my out-station female friend who was left to look for a taxi one late evening when her Muslim male colleague had refused to give her a lift to a hotel after a seminar. Yes, he was not an UMNO member. Talking about male chivalry!

So those four unsavoury and violent events do make one wonder about Wanita UMNO and their morality. Just how many such brutal murders occur in the society? My point is, peer pressure needs to be brought to bear on these black sheep so as to curb these morally shameful and violent incidents from being recurrent. It is no use donning the climate-unfriendly “tudung” (the Malaysian version of Muslim head scarves) and appear chaste if you have not internalised the religious practice in its proper sense.

Moral fortitude does not an attire make.


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