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The problem with UMNO is that the leaders outstay their welcome. It is alright if he/she happens to be a good/sincere person (difficult to find a politician who is but that!) and the tendency is for them to recruit and retain their close friends and relatives to be in the party.

Anyone else wishing to contest will have a hard time to penetrate the divisional leadership simply because all Ketua Bahagian (Divisional Heads) will get rewards in terms of government contracts to sustain them and their increasingly affluent lifestyle. This practice would eventually lead to mediocre people leading the party. And they will bribe their way to ensure their holding on to power at all cost

So you get the sons, cousins, in-laws, uncles,aunties, brothers in the select group, a breeding ground for corruption right to the top! UMNO stinks because of this failure to look for new talents and to avoid in-breeding.

That will be the end of them because Nature abhors in-breeding!

I doubt PKR will be any different. The only thing is to ensure no party is voted to govern beyond two terms. The people have to do spring cleaning every now and then and weed out opportunist politicians, only then can we be their master and not their slaves.


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