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I am repeating ad nauseum that there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics except permanent interest. So when Halili Rahmat was not chosen to be the candidate for PKR for the recently concluded by election, he quit PKR and had a press conference to show his dissatisfaction and at the same time to ensure less votes for the chosen PKR candidate.

Nothing new in our political scenario except that Halili Rahmat used to be a Neurosurgeon in a government hospital some years ago. He left to join politics perhaps due to his great need to change things or might have been due to his connection to Anwar through going to the same school, the Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK). Whatever the reason, our good surgeon stayed on for quite a number of years and in fact was fielded on two occasions but lost to his opponent.

On the third time, the party had decided to field another candidate and this had riled Halili who promptly resigned from the party. Such immaturity is only seen in countries like Malaysia. When Hillary Clinton was not endorsed by the Democrats for the presidential candidate, she did not resign and sulk and cause division in the party. She contributes in other areas still related to her great country.

Now the neurosurgeon can go back to doing what he knows best. Hopefully his skill has not become rusty. He should have stuck to his profession and help to train more neurosurgeon in Malaysia as I believe we can count the number of them currently working. Do not forget Malaysia has one of the highest road accidents in the world and many die due to head injuries. So Dr Halili, politics should be left to people who are not as brilliant as you!


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