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Say what you like, there is certainly a strategy to remove Tee Kiat. Just look at the numbers and the winner of the deputy president’s post. The numbers combined between Ka Ting ang Tee Kiat would have defeated Soi Lek. And those supporters of Ka Ting giving Liow the winning numbers despite his perceived lack of political maturity.

Much as I like Soi Lek, his winning the president’s post in a three-cornered fight does not bode well for BN and MCA. Soi Lek has to be extremely astute and sufficiently flexible to unify all those delegates and the party as a whole but it is envisaged that MCA could have a rough time ahead. At the same time UMNO will have to grudgingly accept a man with an openly flawed character as one of its leaders. They did not want him the last time though. That is politics.

The game played by Ka Ting was pathetic. He appeared to have entered the fray just to ensure that one of the two protagonists would not win. Quite a number of delegates got sucked into it, thinking that he would bring back unity. Balderdash!

Don’t get me wrong I am neither for for Tee Kiat nor Soi Lek. In fact I had wished that the numbers would demonstrate unequivocally the leader chosen by the majority of the delegates to ensure party unity. Should Soi Lek win big, so be it, why split into three? It reminds us of the UMNO youth polls when there were three contenders, Khairy, Khir Toyo and Mukhriz Mahathir. Why is it that one to one fight is not promoted? A three-cornered fight can be construed that a tactical strategy is being put into place so as to lessen the chances of one of the main contestants winning.

To promote blind unity, the president’s post is not contested in UMNO and MIC after behind the scene lobbying. In MCA, a three-cornered fight for the president’s post is set to continue the winter of discontent as behind the scene lobbying is for tactical purposes rather than consensus building.

Soi Lek said he would practice an inclusive leadership, good luck to him and watch out for Liow who actually has teamed up with Ka Ting and good luck to MCA. No more fighting in public please as we are all rather fed up with the MCA twisted saga.

Come GE13 in 2012-2013, the people will give their verdict and MCA is well advised to change their tune if they want to stay relevant. By the way, DAP now appears ever so much civilized and attractive to young voters.

The MCA three-cornered fight for presidency was good for individual’s permanent interest but certainly bad for the party and its public image which is still at square one.


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