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The history of MCA is full of infighting. Compared to DAP which mainly consists of the Chinese with a sprinkling of other races, MCA has had a fair share of leadership tussle over the years. Now why is that?

I was pulling my hairs trying to look for the root cause of this behavior among MCA leaders. It struck me also that some PKR leaders ( the defecting MPs) are also acting this way, attacking others in the party and spilling the beans, washing dirty laundry in public with absolutely no shame. And yet which politicians are deserving of respect? You can count this rare species on your fingers.

Now back to MCA, why do the leaders often quarrel? Hah, the answer is right before your eyes, it’s power and money guys! There is so much money involved and there is so much power bestowed to the winners who become Ministers and Deputy Ministers and all these are related to business, yes those lucrative contracts abound, shared by the member party of the governing front. They will fight tooth and nails to get hold of those spoils. Their supporters will root for them. My oh my! What a fight that would be come this 28 March 2010.

If Tee Kiat wins, good bye Liow. If Soi Lek wins, potential farewell to Liow but if Ka Ting Wins, Liow will stay on and those who support him will get the spoils, those hospital contracts, equipment,supplies and development, they are the Health Ministry’s continuous feasts. So is the Ministry of transports.

So do you wonder why they fight? The wealth is given on the platter unless of course the governing front lost the GE13 in 2012-2013. If the BN lost then MCA leaders will stop fighting and become less boisterous.

The DAP is sedate because they have nothing to lose through infighting. Their internal strife is less transparent as no one wants to appear as greedy for power because the spoils are not there for the taking.

Whoever wins on March 28 has to please his supporters. We just hope that they do not subject the tax-payers of this beloved country to unnecessary financial burdens. If they do, may Nature unleash its wrath selectively on each one of them.

Most ordinary citizens look forward to two-party system in this country to promote dignity and reduce fighting and corruption among these opportunist politicians.


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  1. To: Chua Soi Lek
    From: Yeoh Leei Eng Hock
    Agenda: Please bring MCA to Sarawak to save the good people from organised chinese criminals.
    Subject: Ever since there were Chinese people on this earth there were gangsters who enforce their rules by an iron fist in the criminal business world.They made their fortunes from prostituition,gambling,illegal 4 Digits,loan sharking, smuggling,psychotropic drugs and others.By and large they do not touch the law abiding common people.
    In Sarawak it is totally different.They collect one ringgit frpm every tray of egg that the people consumed.They collected 50 cents from every gas tank that the populace used in their house.The victims can be a single mother with five kids or a poor mountain man.The gangsters do not show any mercy.All the old homeless people collecting scraps from the dustbins have to sell their materials to these gangsters at half price.If any of these people shows any resistence molotov cocktails would be thrown at either their million dollar house or card board shacks.They show no fear,favor or mercy to anybody other than their own big bosses.
    I have been to chinatowns around the world.There is no group of chinese gangsters that terrorise their own people in the same ways.
    Only a evil chinese emperor will tax their own chinese population in those methods. We, Chinese in Sarawak are in the hands of an evil chineses.
    Come and save us.,

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