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We are all intrigued by the political theatrics of MCA leaders. The party is virtually battered left, right and center and it is sad to see this phase of its “life”. The three leaders are embroiled with personal issues and each appears to miscalculate each other’s strength.

Now that the fresh polls are due on 28 March, speculations are abound with political computation and permutation, who is going to gang up with who. Soi Lek may be with Tee Kiat?, Soi Lek with Liow?, Tee Kiat with Liow? ( I doubt this combination) even though the President has accepted that there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies except permanent interest!

Now much as I like Soi Lek for his intellect and leadership, I am worried if he went for the President’s post and won, how would BN especially UMNO take it? I can foresee some uneasiness coming up as Soi Lek has a character flaw that has galloped into public domain. The case was “prima facie” as Soi Lek himself had admitted that he was in the sex video. Now our good doctor needs to think hard about this. The deputy president post for Soi Lek appears to be more acceptable and culturally less embarrassing to BN leadership.

Of course no external forces should interfere with MCA elections but the leaders and delegates should consider the interest of BN. If MCA could exist on its own then it can bloody well do anything it likes. Since you are under BN you should reflect on the sensitivities of other members particularly the dominant member who is trying hard to appear whiter than white.

I would root for Ong-Chua combination as I believe Ong had learnt a bitter lesson in trying to sideline Chua politically. Ong must learn humility and he would not be any lesser politician for that. Soi Lek, you are no Bill Clinton and please remember that this is Malaysia.

It is still too early yet to speculate because it could well be other new combination. In politics anything can happen, friends today, enemies tomorrow.

I do not have good vibes about Liow. I have never liked what he did after the EGM last year (2009) . I think he is not a credible politician, too quick to jump ship and coming across as disloyal and immature . He does not appear to have the interest of MCA at heart as evidenced by his actions. I prefer Yen Yen anytime. She should have been the Health Minister.

I am also not happy with the current MCA Youth Head. To me he looks slithery with his covert early involvement in PKFTZ and his alignment with Liow. In a hurry to grab more power isn’t he?

Now, whose days are numbered in MCA? Your guess is as good as mine and I am sure people have started betting now. And BN leadership has started praying.



  1. my fren, u r rite tis is malaysia but dun u knw bad guy rules? Pls dun forget we hav lists of bad guys stil out thr free and big.

  2. Tee Kiat will win again and again!

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