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However you look at Chua Soi Lek, he is a master strategist. He has come out of this prolonged MCA crisis as one with dignity and a steady hand. His sex scandal must have been an aberration of his astute mind. If the Americans could forgive Bill Clinton, why can’t we forgive our Soi Lek?

Yes, as everybody has already known Soi Lek has tendered his resignation as the Deputy President of MCA and loyally with him are seven other Central Committee members and all their resignations are effective today Thursday according to the STAR. This very action paves the way for a fresh poll in MCA and once and for all shut up the vociferous Liow who turned out to be quite a handful to handle.

Within 30 days, based on the party’s constitution, MCA must hold the election of party bearers. I hope the BN leadership will respect the delegates’ decisions and that those who lose their party’s posts should not continue to be ministers or deputy ministers in the government as this would create dissatisfactions among party members and supporters of individual party leaders.

The timing is superb to say the least, just after the Chinese new year and delegates would have seen who are the troublemakers in the party and appreciate that these clouts must be removed.
MCA delegates must bring back the respect of the general public for this party and choose leaders who truly love the party without any hidden agendas, or even if they have agendas, they should be transparent about them at least to the delegates.

Tee Kiat you can still make it but Liow, your days are numbered!


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