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I do not feel good writing about this woman who has refused to look at the big picture of the effects of her caning on the image of Malaysia and the implications on Malaysian Muslim women generally. She has been given an option to appeal on the severity of her sentence meted out by an overzealous shariah judge for drinking beer in public last year. There is a very good chance that the caning sentence would be reviewed, as the advice to appeal was given, no less than, by the Prime Minister himself.

The case has dragged on for months on end as there are forces that want this sentence reviewed, requiring her cooperation but she seems to have stuck to her foolhardiness. Her Singaporean husband must have found her recalcitrant in not wanting to help “save face” for the government of Malaysia that he divorced her late last year. Shadenfraude, she has virtually asked for it!

Then we read of people, the so-called defenders of the faith, asking ad nauseum when her caning sentence is supposed to be implemented. Yes, according to these people, cane her and shame her and let this be a hard lesson to others, especially women who under conventional courts, cannot be caned.

I , and am sure, many other concerned Malaysians as well have secretly wished for this case to have been left in limbo and conveniently forgotten. But no chance at all of that as this involves the integrity of the shariah court which must not be seen as a ” toothless tiger”.

Today in the Star, this blinking woman has asked for an audience with the Sultan (hereditary head of State) Pahang, (one of the nine states in West Malaysia with such heads) and the sultan has asked his crown prince to see her instead. There, her 15 minutes of fame? A nincompoop publicity seeker!

Dear me! She wants to see the sultan before the caning, seeking cheap publicity no doubt at the expense of the Country. And I am amazed at how her manipulative,self-aggrandizing behaviour is being taken as her show of deep repentance! I wonder how many “women’s magazines” are waiting to pay for her story. Could she also show us the scar of the lashes!

There is no honor in being the first woman in Malaysia to be caned! The Guinness book of record should ignore this embarrassing event.

Kartika you betray all the women who profess the same faith as you. You help smear Malaysia in the eye of the world. Shame on you!


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