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Some blogs and online news portals like Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today that I visit are highly pro Anwar. They gleefully accuse the government of conspiracy to kill off Anwar’s political career, preventing him from becoming the next PM! The same media mock the accuser, Saiful horrendously silly and actually give the impression that he is telling lies.

There is, on the whole, no balanced views at all. They already conclude that Anwar is innocent and in some instances they say why only Anwar’s alleged sodomy case is being tried and not that of others? Good point, but it is as if the article’s writer unconsciously admits that Anwar did commit sodomy but so do many others (though the writer forgets that Malaysia has many Muslim whose belief teaches them that sodomy is sinful and, yes, if you were going to be a PM of Malaysia, that behavior is totally unacceptable let alone the fact that sodomy is against the law of the land).

The charisma of Anwar is glaring. Charismatic leadership is passionate and people just love to follow them and in many instances, follow them blindly. Just look at charismatic leaders such as Hitler, Joan of Arc, Napoleon and perhaps many others left out by history. Look at their followers. To them these leaders could do no wrong. How could Nazi German stand by and watch fellow human beings be tortured and burnt alive in incinerators and gas chambers? And how did poorly-equipped Catholic French peasants rise and defeat the British army in the early part of the Anglo-Franco war in the Middle Ages? And the Napoleonic French army’s march into Russia during brutal winter?

People seem to want to do anything for a charismatic leader, to the point of being blind to his faults.

Many of us would like to think that we are neutral in this and let justice take its course as there is a complainant and now a plaintiff and a court proceedings being (ostensibly?) properly instituted. Someone of Anwar’s calibre cannot escape merciless attention being given by the media and the public. His so-called charisma, in fact, is putting him in the national and international limelight.

He has managed to stall the trial for many months with all the legal instruments before him and now that the trial has started hardly into its third day, Anwar, the charismatic leader has moved to recuse the trial judge alleging that the latter is somewhat biased in allowing certain news to filter through to the media. With Karpal Singh there, no one is surprised that Anwar with his hotshot legal team, will do everything to delay the trial and use the time to garner support from the public and the world, especially the West. A clever, elusive,manipulative and desperate man indeed. Nothing but tactic, people, pure tactic.

Yes, earlier on, he even wanted the case to be heard by a Shariah court where in order to have him convicted four witnesses need to come forward to swear that they saw the sodomy act! Be logical, if there were four witnesses who in their right mind would commit such an act! In such a court, the accuser (victim) might end up be punished instead! Charismatic request, yet indeed.

I am not a political person but I think I could instinctively see through Anwar despite his charisma (of course “gut feeling” is no good evidence to say the least) . One has to be objective when one deals with this kind of leader. By the way isn’t the finding of the judges who acquitted him of sodomy 1 charge, a few years ago, read by people? The judges stated that, based on evidence before them, they found that Anwar did engage in such activities. People please read the judgement record , unless you all also distrust those judges.

Many of us would like to think that we are neutral in this as we have no quarrel with either the government or Anwar himself. If Anwar were innocent of the charge though, wouldn’t you think he would want the trial to proceed fast and with his team of prominent lawyers, demolish the accuser, Saiful’s evidence? And get on with rebuilding his reputation and political credibility, once acquitted for a second time so to speak. And with his “charisma” many of his followers will work into a frenzy to get the people to support him. After all the 13 GE is to be held by 2013, not very long.

This is not to say the government is totally white in all these. The revelation about Saiful meeting Najib before the police report, the AG singular focus on the case, the refusal to show the prosecution’s record of the DNA evidence to the defense team etc do leave a bad taste in our mouths. It appears that some unfairness is being practiced here. Much as I have misgivings towards Anwar, I also feel he should be treated fairly and justice be seen to be dispensed.

Notwithstanding, to argue that Anwar should not be charged and tried is wrong as Saiful as a citizen has every right to seek justice. Having said that I am also not comfortable with the latter as he might have enticed or “flirted” with Anwar in the beginning of their relationship. Remember he said in court that Anwar was his idol?

After watching many real-life Crime and Investigation cases on Astro, I am not surprised someone who is guilty as hell based on forensics evidence, could stand stone-faced and swear his/her innocence. A sociopathic trait, devoid of conscience.

Finally let us not be deluded by charisma instead observe objectively as the evidences unfold in the trial.


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  1. it’s disturbing to see Wan Azizah & Co celebrate yet another delay brought about by a desperate attempt to throw out the case or the judge, whichever is in the possibility. They are clearly mocking the law, and their middle name is Keadilan?

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