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While we are sighing with relief that the MCA crisis seems to have quietened down, we are jolted yet again by Liow and this time threatening like a spoilt child to boycott party’s functions, including the Chinese New Year which is a time of goodwill not only among the Chinese but other races as well. Can’t the man understand that the majority has spoken and wants to consolidate the party before its next polls? What’s Liow’s hurry?

One would hasten to call on UMNO leaders to take note and let MCA deal with its own problems. The many angry responses received showed that Chinese, in general, despise external interference in their party.

With the current issues of the Allah controversy and the Anwar’s trial, it is hard to comprehend Liow and his motley group’s behavior. A nuisance no less!

Please stop burdening the BN leadership with your personal agenda. Why can’t Liow and the 12 CC members accept the majority’s wish? It is time that the PM and DPM give this group the cold shoulder so that they do not think that their disruptive action has the tacit support of the two significant leaders.

Threatening the party is childish. It is the hallmark of a desperate man.

For a time many concerned people were terribly worried that MCA would bend to the minority’s will but now after almost two months, the situation, post EGM remains status quo . It does look like the minority was hinging on the support of the BN leadership to force for fresh polls but now they know it is far more complicated than that. You cannot always buy loyalty and much less integrity.

Who would have thought that it was Tee Kiat and Soi Lek who fought like cats and dogs and then “reconciled ” for unity’s sake and somehow quite by surprise, out of nowhere and not in the equation earlier on, came the black sheep Liow, insistent on prolonging the party’s suffering by creating another crisis? He also,laughably, maintains that he is not going for the President’s post. Who is he kidding?

MCA delegates do choose your leaders carefully in the next election and may you all have the wisdom to reject selfish, divisive, greedy and, may I add, childish leaders!


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