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Afghanistan is an Islamic country where shariah laws operate and where women cover themselves from head to toe and girls are not really allowed to go to school. And where they stone men and women to death for adultery and honor killings are not uncommon and marital rape is an unacceptable concept. And where corruption is rampant, pervasive and endemic. Therein lays the irony, Islamic practices and corruption.

So rampant is the corruption there it takes an external non-Moslem country (USA) to harass the Hamid Karzai government to act or else.

Imagine to get a car’s license you have to pay nearly half of your salary otherwise you can continue waiting till the cows come home! And they have so many agents outside the Kabul Road Transport Department (RTD) to help the people to apply for the license faster for the exasperated public. They actually build up an industry around corrupt practices!

The CNN visual report today, 18 Dec 2009 , speaks volumes about the corruption situation in that war-ravaged country where the citizens cannot look to their government for defense against the scourge. And that is an elected government mind you, with the open support of US of course.

The above is just one minor example of corruption. What about the poppy growing, transportation and selling of drugs controlled by corrupt politicians and warlords? And what about the cost of doing business? Foreign direct investment? Who would dare to set up factories in Afghanistan? With no foreign investments, Afghanistan cannot expect to develop economically, a certain way of sustaining poverty. Poverty-stricken and ill-educated masses will subscribe to fatalism and fanaticism, a dangerous cauldron of mindless terrorism.

That is why the US government is pressurizing Hamid Karzai to do something because it knows an unhappy people will not support the government which US soldiers are fighting for with their lives. Such a country will be a breeding ground for the extremist Taliban to sponsor a resurgence.

US and its other allies cannot forever remain in Afghanistan and for sustainable government to prevail they need one which has the peoples’ support. The individual politician and government servant just cannot see how precarious their positions are if they continue this corrupt way of governing. The Taliban would just have them beheaded!

Taliban is alright for their country but if they allowed fanatical terrorists to train in Afghanistan and build up their so called “world-army” against the infidels, then it is the right of other peace-loving nations to stop them. It is not meddling on the part of the US, it is for the wider world safety.

So corruption in Afghanistan somehow affects the world. People can see it and Hamid Karzai had better see it too otherwise he might end up like Najibullah, the late ex-president of Russian supported, pre Taliban Afghanistan.


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