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It is joyless and yet darkly interesting to see how the extended MCA saga has been unfolding before us. So far the silent majority is remaining deafeningly quiet except for comments here and there by Datuk Ti, one of the powerful CC members, obviously one of the President’s and Deputy President’s men.

It is the minority which is being vociferous and looking aggressive with its leaders, the troublesome threesome handing in their undated resignation letters, ostensibly valid once that eight CC members handing in theirs, making it exactly 21 as required by the party’s constitution to force a fresh poll!

So sure are they of toppling OTK and CSL that they resort to this act of bravado. It looks as if the dominant UMNO is also getting restless for this crisis to end once and for all and who would blame them? The crisis seems to be draining BN’s energy and credibility and not to forget respectability. So Liow and his gang of 13 are becoming brave, making statements here and there as if they are the right people to determine MCA’s fate. Tee Kiat and Soi Lek are maintaining their dignified silence, only commenting on points of the constitution and the voice of the majority.

Despite my earlier misgivings about Tee Kiat, after following the saga, I now find him an adaptable leader, steady and sure though he still has to learn to control himself and make sensitive decisions through consultations. Soi Lek has always been suave and accomplished ( Just Like Tiger Woods; who would have thought Tiger was sexual? Sexy, yes, whatever sexy means). Soi Lek is a good leader, clear and systematic in his thoughts as you would expect a doctor would be, just like Tiger who is a good golfer despite his transgressions. Tiger has been voted by global sports journalists as “Sportsman of the Decade” (2001-2009): Intelligent people are indeed able to discriminate between capability and emotional indiscretion.

These sexual acts are just a modern-day version of the old world maharajahs with their harem and emperors with their concubines, come to think of it. Sorry for the digression.

The next couple of weeks would be crucial for MCA. Under intense pressure the rest of the CC members will be made to acquiesce with the minority. What a sad day for party democracy? Those who love MCA will look to that day with trepidation as could this be a precedent for the minority to exert control in the future? This is frightening as what guarantee does MCA have for this not to recur? Now that the party is so weak after the GE2008 debacle, it looks like it can no longer rely on the majority such that a small group of power-hungry trouble-makers can easily hold sway under the pretext of solving a crisis of their own making.

What choice does MCA have? The silent majority should unite and articulate their case to the BN leadership. It might be a bit late now as the minority has made the crisis appear insolvable in the eyes of BN leadership at least. One wonders what would UMNO or MIC do if they were in the same predicament?

All the BN leadership wants is a quick resolution to the current crisis. They just want the outcome and care less about the process. It is MCA which has to go down this heart-rending journey of rediscovering itself where there are no permanent friends or foes except permanent INTEREST!

Talking about the above edict, I cannot help but notice that one of the datuks in the gang of 13 used to be a good friend of Soi Lek, Jesus, he would even lick the ground Soi Lek once walked on when the latter was the powerful Health Minister. Remember those contracts for development projects/expensive new equipments in the Ministry of Health? Now he has shifted his loyalty just like that and throws his support to Liow. No one will bat an eyelid if he changes again his loyalty once Liow falls, such is politics, only craps like this can stomach the dirty culture.

For political observers, we are about to see the triumph of the minority in MCA and witness the majority’s will being bent. At least do not give in to the minority’s demand to exempt the youth and women’s wings from the fresh polls as the trouble-makers will still be there to wreak their next havoc. All wings must contest. Should Liow’s group gets the delegates’ mandate, salutations and congratulations are due to him, but should he be rejected he should not hold the health minister’s post. This condition should apply to everybody and with the blessing of the PM before this minority-desired fresh polls are held! Even among thieves there is honor.

I don’t know about you, but my heart bleeds for MCA.


One Comment

  1. There are many good chinaman politicians,
    Dr.M and Pak Lah can say good bye with grace of statesmen,
    Why do the three MCA stooges have to fight Ghee Hin Vs Hai San style.
    My husband had a baby with some cheap massage girl,
    I left him for good..with grace of a lady,
    I just leave everuything to the divorce lawyer.

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