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Things do not look good for Tee Kiat following the special briefing led by Liow on Saturday with resolutions dubbed as Declaration 1128 being put forward. Now not only everyone can fly but everyone can use the date and coin it around catching attention like 911 (date of terrorists’ attacks on the World Trade Center in New York) and if you work every hour every week you can call it working 24/7. It’s just cliche. Talk shop aside, looks like the Liow’s camp really means business, fresh polls in 60 days should at least (according to the party’s constitution) two third of the CC members resign and so far they already have 13 and need seven more to force the fresh polls.

Such as the perceived discontent against Tee Kiat, I wonder who are those supporters who desert Tee Kiat and forcing this New Order. Remember, the 10th Malaysia Plan is coming up in 2011 and whoever is the Minister of Health has a huge clout over who would be recommended for contracts to build and supply hospital/clinic equipment. There is a lot of dough there. Ask Soi Lek, he knows. The stakes are very high. If the presence of the many delegates there on 28 Nov were any indication, it would appear to be this expectation of Liow’s power.

Indeed the people would be a lot happier had those awards of government contracts been implemented in a transparent manner. There is just so many undesirable political interference that projects are not completed as scheduled or items supplied are not satisfactory. The power of the minister, any minister for that matter should be curbed just like the Liow’s camp wanting to curtail the power of the President (in this case Tee Kiat) from making his own appointment of members to the presidential council.

It is interesting to see what the PM (now busy with CHOGM in Port of Spain) and Deputy PM have come to agree on the solution of this MCA messy problem. Liow looks vicious in the photo in today’s paper. He in fact looks more confident than photos taken before this. So Tee Kiat, you are in hot water now unless something crops up. You have to do the numbers now among the 2400 delegates.

Looks like Tee Kiat is at the end of the road, but being a fighter such as he is, you would not see the last of him yet. Should there be fresh polls, what happens if he lost? Would PM still retain him as the Transport Minister? That was why Tee Kiat should not have made that remark that he would step down if he lost in the no-confidence vote. In fact he should have met earlier with Soi Lek and avoid that watershed 10 Oct EGM! Too late now, no use crying over spilled milk. He certainly comes across as a reactive and defensive person, not a good leadership quality. He should learn to control his impulses.

Now what would happen should Liow lose in the fresh polls? Would PM retain him as the Minister of Health? Thereby the dilemma facing the PM. He should be spending time building up the programs to regain people’s confidence for the next GE2013 (may even be in 2012, if the world hasn’t ended by then!). How disappointed PM is with MCA, that we cannot deny. He had welcomed the Greater Unity Plan but Liow and his motley gang is shooting it down in the name of democracy? His brand of selective democracy that is. Had he accepted the GUP, all these would not have developed to this stage ( a form of power struggle) and time will heal.

The New Order is nothing but mere tactics to fire up the party members and Tee Kiat and perhaps Soi Lek must come together to harness this tagline to their advantage. The party will never be peaceful again with the likes of people who are selfish. Don’t we all wish that party delegates are wise enough to choose only leaders with good characters? So if the elections are held too soon, the delegates will vote with their feet and that is no good for the party. Some time should be given for the delegates to think it over and be rational in their choice of their leaders.

Had everything gone well, the next MCA party elections is in 2011 and that is too close to the 13GE and if this leadership problem is not settled by then, things will become more difficult for BN. If I were UMNO, I would look at those Malay majority areas currently represented by MCA and plan for a Malay candidate because people especially the Chinese, in general, would not support this party led by the likes of Tee Kiat, Soi Lek and Liow. The opposition will have a whale of time ridiculing MCA’s in-fighting. Much as I dislike to see this situation ever happening. MCA has to come to its senses. Liow and his newly emergent faction should do some hard rethinking.

In the meantime, Ong Tee Kiat needs to belt-up and be ready for yet another rough drive. And may the MCA leaders see the light of day.


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    The question is as follows;
    Who is the greater evil ? The young girl in her first taste of the forbidden apple or the pimp who is the devil himself?
    There are so many young china dolls in Bukit Bintang.Most of the clients are Chinese men.
    Do you want to be filmed by a RAT of a man?You ill lose the respect of everybody.

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