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When I read about the “intervention” by PM to help MCA solve its current crisis, I feel sorry for this once great party and that gentleman, Malaysia’s first Finance Minister, the admirable late Tun Tan Siew Sin. This party whose leadership, consisting of professionals and astute businessmen appears not able to solve their own internal problems. I say “appears” here because I do not, for one minute, believe that it cannot solve its own problems. It looks like the now infamous ”Gang of Three” or desperately labelled by a forum in Malaysiakini today 22 Nov 2009 as ” the gruesome threesome” led by Liow Tiong Lai, are the one making it appear unsolvable.

Ong Tee Kiat

I do not really fancy Ong Tee Kiat but at least he tries to re captain the ship in this treacherous water which could have been partly contributed by him as well!

I must say I like Chua Soi Lek despite his unfortunate “scandal”. At least he owned up to the indiscretion revealed through the invasion of his privacy. He was man enough! And he was a very good Health Minister! Liow is not anywhere near Soi Lek. Yet, being a Health Minister then, the latter should not have engaged in such activities: I am being ambivalent here, Boy! Soi Lek you really let us down in this morality game!

So I just want to focus on Soi Lek as a politician and not as a lover- boy. Almost everyone who is watching the Malaysian political scene knows that this chaos started with the snooping of Soi Lek’s privacy then after months of silence, with his sacking followed by the EGM which was supposed to end it all then this “Liow factor” aftermath, like an itch which refuses to go away.

I do not know much about Ong Tee Kiat apart from the fact that he has proven to be “surgical” in his approach: excising then repairing. He was known as a firebrand MCA youth leader once so I read. His concept of a team appears to be everybody should be of one voice. I hope he is aware of the fact that you do need dissension every now and then so that you can make well-considered decisions. Decisions without debate and dissension are not resilient. But I can understand why he has to remove those politically aligned to Liow from the presidential council. With them there, the contentious likelihood of their derailing issues is real. Debating and dissenting are signs of political maturity but unfortunately this is yet to be a feature in this part of the world.

Liow Tiong Lai

Now who is Liow? When Soi Lek resigned we all heard that Ng Yen Yen was to be the Health Minister, oh, wouldn’t she be a fine Health Minister! Just look at what she is doing to Malaysian tourism as the Minister in charge? Yen Yen truly shines. One day in Paris and the next in Chengdu, hard working and impressive indeed. Suddenly we got this unknown Liow. I still give the benefit of doubt to him but seeing how he performs, parroting the pencil pushers with no mind of his own, upsetting a certain State’s politicians due to his arrogant handling of a hospital building problem through a cut and paste job, he is not cut up for the job, indeed Soi Lek is sorely missed all the more, with his warts and all.

Well, there you are the three protagonists in the MCA (some bloggers have dubbed as the Malaysian Chaos Association) embroil. Among the three who love MCA? Tee Kiat and Soi Lek have come up with what they call a Greater Unity Plan (GUP), the details of which are not really of interest to some us mere observers, but it is about solving a problem brought about by the well-meaning but indecisive EGM. The delegates, as it turned out, love both their warring leaders, or shall we say each have enough supporters among the delegates to just “nudge” each other?

Some may say the two have forged this unity plan because the alternative, “Liow” being the MCA President by default is not palatable at all. Tee Kiat acted because he might have felt betrayed by Liow and Soi Lek, well, his successor in health ministry has not really been magnanimous, has he? Trying to unearth certain things done during Soi Lek’s tenure is not exactly friendly, is it?

Chua Soi Lek

Both Tee Kiat’s and Soi Lek’s plan seems to help retard the deepening crisis and one would have forgiven those who conclude that these two actually love MCA. It is however interesting to find out just when exactly this unity plan was first hatched? The political detective would want to know the timing, was it before or after Liow showed his “stripes”. My telescope points to the latter. So the two factions have rejected Liow’s overture, read as a fast-track route to becoming its President and that is a glaring fact. Why then the need for another EGM? Moreover the two “united” leaders have already hinted at a fresh party polls in March 2010 (?).

In any party, it is very important that you do not betray your leader because immediately the questions of your integrity and credibility would surface because you are doing it from the inside.

To digress a little, I recall the stage-play, when the great Roman Emperor Julius Caesar was stabbed by his trusted aid, Brutus, the last word he said was “Et tu Brutus” before he died. In the MCA saga, Ong Tee Kiat (virtual Caesar) did not “die” so Brutus (Liow Tiong Lai) would have to pay the price for his disloyalty.

Who Love MCA? When you love someone you do not prolong their pain, you do not get other people to intervene in your internal problem publicly. You do not go around distorting facts and spreading your false and misplaced convictions. And you certainly do not betray your leader and cause chaos.



  1. Anwar Ibrahim lost his job as the 5th Prime Minister of Malaysia due to sexual immorality.
    Many Japanese Ministers committed suicide due the guilt from sexual immorality.
    Many Korean Ministers committed suicide due the guilt from sexual immorality.
    Many Chinese Emperors committed suicide due the guilt from sexual immorality.
    Julius Ceasar and Mark Anthony of the early mighty Roman Empire were executed due to sexual immorality with Cleopatra.
    But Chua Soi Lek of MCA became the most influential Chinese man in Malaysia due to sexual immorality.
    All the yellow men in this world who are Chinese, Koreans, Japanese follow the Confucious philosophy.That is we must built a strong family, a strong society and a strong country.A strong country will give us the foundations to built all future strong families.
    We musy always maintain FACE,FACE,FACE for the sake of civilisation.We even do that for our dead ancestors.
    Here is Chua Soi Lek breaking all the 5000 years of Chinese civilisation.
    I am leaving MCA immediately.It does not represent the majority of the Malaysian Chinese anymore.

  2. I am a senior public health officer with the Ministry of Health in Putrajaya.I have to face the Minister of Health Chua Soi Lek everyday.I have seen his face and demeaner in the sex video a hundred times.When I am face to face with him I saw the same face and demeaner in the sex video. My collegeous said that a man can have sex with a woman in his mind during masturbation.I have worried that he might have me in his sex craved dirty mind.

  3. It is a shame that a Malay should be asked to interfere on Chinese affairs of a Chinese associations. Do we not have any Chinese wise men left in Malaysia already ? The Chinese have so many associations from coffee shops. karaoke associations to fishermen associations.They have many disputes among themselves too.They are plenty of wise men who can advise them.
    During the UMNO disputes no Chinese wise man was invited to interfere.
    Semangat 46 (Spirit of ’46) is a now defunct Malaysian political party. The party was formed in 1988 under the leadership of Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, who felt capable of mounting a realistic challenge to the dominance of then UMNO under Mahathir’s leadership and its electoral vehicle, the Barisan Nasional. Razaleigh’s confidence was also partly attributed to the personal support which he was endorsed from former prime ministers Tunku Abdul Rahman and Hussein Onn, both of whom had also fallen apart with Mahathir.[4]

    The idea of Semangat 46 first came about in 1985 or 1986 when Malaysia was experiencing an economic recession. Following Razaleigh’s expulsion in 1987, Razaleigh headed to form a political party the following year.[5] This new party brought over many UMNO top leaders who were supportive of Razaleigh, aptly known as “Team B”. Other UMNO leaders who were supportive of Mahathir made up “Team A”–divisions which were immediately drawn after the presidential elections in January 1987. By February 1988, such distinctions were clearly cut as Razaleigh decided to name his faction “UMNO 46” to reflect the spirit which the party was founded in 1946, while Mahathir decided to name his faction “UMNO (Baru)”, tagging along much of the parties’ administrative documents. However, since “UMNO 46” was denied registration on the basis of a duplicate name, Razaleigh decided to settle on the name “Semangat 46”.[6] On June 3, 1989, Semangat 46 was officially registered with the electoral colle

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