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Actually I am no longer interested to write about MCA political saga. Not until the latest development concerning Liow and his gang of three.

The recent EGM was supposed to have cleared things up and determined the leadership but somehow the the delegates kicked out both the warring top leaders! Then the central committee members took it upon themselves to appoint Liow, the Vice President who, all these while people thought, a nice man, to the post of the Deputy President supposedly left “vacant” by Soi Lek.

Having been sharply elevated, he and his supporters (all these politicians must have supporters as these people will benefit in terms of posts and remunerations/ contracts later should the leader they support be in the position of power!), immediately ganged up to push the embattled president OTK off the cliff so that the “newly appointed deputy president” could assume the presidency.

Their very action was rather “rushed” and unkind. Instead of offering words of support to the president ( who by the way, had earlier said he would step down if he lost the vote of no-confidence… and he lost!) they turned around demanding that he fulfil his promise to step down. How would you feel if you were OTK under this circumstance? When pigeons turned into vultures overnight? After all Liow was his perceived supporter before the fateful EGM!

If you look at it, OTK lost because of CSL’s supporters were voting against him and CSL lost because of OTK’s supporters, almost 50-50 except for a minority fence-sitters and the convenient “third force”. If the two leaders were to unite, they both would win hands down as there are two teams in the party.

In the face of Liow’s betrayal, OTK , already humiliated, rose from the ashes and ganged up with CSL to form a unity team, conveniently, rather in line with what the Prime Minister has hoped, some kind of reconciliation between the two warring leaders and in the process checkmated the “evil” Liow. ( Before all this MCA political rigmarole, I had thought that Liow was a reasonable man, honestly!).

The two, OTK and CSL immediately saw that the unity plan was a win-win situation for themselves and quickly embraced it, persuading their respective supporters to also come together and show to PM especially that they could turn this to something palatable after the EGM fiasco. But our Liow is a different kettle of fish.

Liow along with his “supporters”, 16 CC members are forcing for another EGM to redetermine the leadership and he even said the two were manipulating the democratic process of the party by ignoring the outcome of the EGM. He was saying that the grassroots were not supporting the unity plan, (MY! My!!) And what about him assuming the post of the Deputy President based on the recommendation of only CC members and not through an election by the party delegates? Surely that is not democratic as fewer people making decision for such an important post! Of course, Liow (LTL) is being selectively amnesic on this.

If another EGM were to take place ( which I doubt), would Liow have the numbers? Both OTK and CSL certainly would.

When OTK and CSL have decided to work together, then by proxy, their respective supporters among the delegates would also be able to work together!! Logical isn’t it? So this LTL, who had wanted to sue the ROS for reinstating CSL as the Deputy President of MCA, instead of coming to terms with the situation and be patient, has chosen to fight all the way, what a disruptive member! His action is prolonging MCA pain.

He has been combative in his words and it does look like this person is actually the one who cannot compromise or choose not to compromise, further making MCA the laughing stock of the people. Remember not only the Chinese vote for MCA nominated candidate during elections, other races do as well. And in this multi-racial society like ours, we look for leaders who can compromise and also one who is loyal to his leader. Liow is certainly not in this category.

Look at his performance as the Minister of Health, definitely way, way behind CSL. His handling of an health infrastructure problem in a certain State, is disappointing and leaves much to be desired.

All things said, don’t we wonder what is poking Liow? Is it greed? Impatience? Opportunism? Misplaced conviction? Self-grandeur? Egotism? What ever it is, it does not augur well for MCA and for BN.


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  1. An open letter:
    To: Ong Tee kiat,Chua Soi Lek and Liow Tiong Lai.
    From : Yao Siew Lian
    Gentlemen, please resign from all your posts immediately and fade away quickly and quietly to the background.You have lost the support of majority of Malaysian Chinese.Do not use the letters of the law to probe up your unstable positions.You will still collapse in the end.It will do more harm then good to the Malaysian Chinese people.You should put the interest of the Malaysian Chinese above your personal interests. Like Tan Khoon Swan and Ong Ka Ting.They know the time to stop their political careers.
    The Chinese people have many Associations like coffee shop associations, hawkers association,taxi drivers association,market vendors associations,karaoke owners associations,Hokkien,Cantonist,Teochiew,Hainan associations etc etc etc.All these associations have their Chairman,Presidents and Vice Presidents.They hold the positions because of popular support from the members.When they lost the popular support from the majority of the members they will resign immediately.
    What is the different between Malaysian Chinese Association and all these other chinese associations ?
    MCA is better organized with constitutions.These constitutions is supposed to protect the future of MCA.It is not meant to protect the self intererst of power crazy office bearers.

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