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I think the outcome of the recent MCA EGM on 11 oct 2009 reflect the general population thinking. It may appear as indecisive and bad for the BN coalition but if you think hard about it you will realise that the group collective wisdom augurs well for the survival of the party. They really practice the tagline proposed by the Chua Soi Lek’s supporters, the three Rs, Reject, Reunite, Rejuvenate!

Well they rejected a leader who could not come to a compromise, emotional, manipulative and not forgiving at the same time they also rejected a leader with a scandalous past who could not call it quit. But they are forgiving in letting Chua Soi Lek remain as a party member, that speaks volumes of the president and the central committee members’ holier than thou attitude. This is what a fair person would have done. I salute MCA delegates. There is wisdom in masses.

Now they have to choose new leaders and reunite and later put in place strategies to rebrand and thus rejuvenate an ailing party that is struggling to regain the Chinese electorate trust. Yet Ong Tee Kiat who has been reported that he was going for broke, seemed to want to do some rethinking.. He is a nobody if not in the government and that Tiong with multmillion suits and the PKFTZ debacle, so much to lose. Will PM Najib come to his rescue? I wonder.

As for Chua Soi Lek, the best Health Minister Malaysia ever had, I think he should groom his son “properly” to contribute to the party and the Chinese and call it a day. A fight well fought in which both fighters unceremoniously vanquished.


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