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The Moslem woman named Kartika was found guilty by the sharia court (trying cases related to Islamic practices) in Pahang, Malaysia, for drinking beer in public ( anyone can drink in private) and was sentenced to be caned besides the fine which she had already paid. The caning sentence brought such an uproar among right-thinking 21st century people that they have asked for it to be reversed. The PM of Malaysia has also suggested for Kartika to appeal the sentence. But she seems to accept it and has asked for the sentence to be carried out. In fact it was reported that she would sue anybody who interfere with “her right” to be caned.

Had the sentence been pronounced in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia or any other countries of that nature, international news correspondents would not really make a big deal out of it, but the harsh sentence in a developed country like Malaysia? My! Are we retrogressing? Are we becoming fundamentalists? What are the implications for Malaysia in this globalized world?

It is well known that foreign investors will look at not only economic indicators before investing in a country but also at the social, educational and legal parameters. Already we have been experiencing declining FDIs (foreign direct investments) to activate and sustain our economic activities for the past few years and we do not need this harsh treatment of our vulnerable population in this day and age. For God’s sake it was her first offense and she was not even drunk and pose a threat to the public! The Sharia Judge is overly harsh and has little respect for the dignity of the weaker sex; sounds dreadfully familiar.

Now Kartika has insisted that she be caned. Obviously the poor woman was thinking only about herself, she does not think about the implications of this first caning of a woman in Malaysia! Today caning, tomorrow stoning!

The Sisters In Islam (SIS) has asked for the sentence to be reviewed. And PAS, the so-called Islamic party, has branded SIS as unIslamic, who the hell are they to say someone is not Islamic? Surely God does not give a mere party the power to determine who is or is not professing Islam just by looking at them. As far as I am concerned if you practice the five tenets of Islam, you are Islam, like it or not and PAS has no right to brand people on religious basis. They can only say whether someone is a PAS member or not by checking on his/her party subscription!

Now our dear Kartika wants to be caned, she does not care about the international scorn on Malaysia, even if one lash falls on her body, why is that? I scratch my head till I feel pain, why Kartika? Why the selfishness? Then it dawns upon me that she has become a permanent resident of Singapore by virtue of her marriage to a Singaporean man, so why should she care about what happens to Malaysia? She may even want to embarrass the government of Malaysia under the new PM or worst still could a foreign agent be paying her so that she could go on showing the world, by getting caned, what kind of a country Malaysia is and in the process scare away those foreign investors? ( Looks like I have been reading a lot of non-fictions on treason!).

If my theory were correct then Kartika is not being sincere, for the minute she gets back to Singapore, she is going to drink that beer in a public place and Singapore is going to see a dramatic increase in FDIs, mission accomplished!

If it is against sharia law to drink alcohol in public for a Moslem, then sentence by all means by it must be tempered with mercy and serve to educate an not to humiliate. Now that is a civilized society.

By the way, have those religious enforcement officers ever raided “an upper crust party” in five star hotels in KL? For a start they cannot even enter the place, all the same; is it private or public for alcohol galore?

The so-called “more Islamic” people in Malaysia would gleefully applaud the execution of the caning because they could only see the tiny germ on the horizon but not the big elephant in front of their eyes! Their superficial views on religion, despite their ability to quote verses from the holy book, is glaring and downright depressing.

The power that be, beat the disloyal and the ultra at their own games! Reverse the sentence before it is too late.


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