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He was undoubtedly the best Minister of Health Malaysia ever had, ask any doctors and nurses. A very hard working MP who loved his job and at the same time fulfilling his onerous duty as a politician. His short stint as the minister of health brought many benefits. He was so clear in his policy decisions due to his good understanding of the subject and no pencil pushers could influence his decisions to serve their narrow interests. The H1N1 situation would not be as bad had Dr Chua remained the Health Minister because he could differentiate between clinical interests and public interests. The H1N1 (swine flu) death per 100,000 population in Malaysia is worse than that in the UK! And please stop blaming the public, we are fed up of being treated like children.

Coming back to our good Dr Chua, he put his finger right on where the problems were. He improved the doctors’ emoluments and allowed a limited private practice for government doctors that somehow had managed to reduce the public-private brain drain. He was an effective Minister, so sure of his actions so unlike his predecessor or successor. He is sincere in a simple way though sometimes he appeared to be sarcastic, caustic and unsympathetic especially when dealing with people who were quick to blame the staff of his ministry when something went wrong. Definitely he suffered no fools.

His confidence and ability to connect with people with his stark and honest opinions unfortunately was the making of his downfall. Say what you like, people like Dr Chua are those either you like or dislike and not in between. His enemies hated his guts and his political peers scorned his outspokenness. This type of man, everything else considered, would make an effective leader, clear, no-nonsense and decisive.

Sure our society like many others in the world look down on “sexual-exploit” that are revealed to the public. But tell me how many men who did the same thing but are not found out and able to continue leading respectable lives? I told a colleague back in 2004, who confided in me that his brother, a Special Branch officer told him that Dr Chua was cheating on his wife, that it is none of our business. A man’s sexual life is his own. I had no knowledge then about his political enemies otherwise I would have warned him anonymously to change his places of rendezvous and to check for those video recording gadgets. And imagine that could have prevented the current MCA’s embroilment and Dr Chua could still enjoy his past time, not that I condone it. But a sexually-satisfied man is a happy man, ask any old successful businessman who decided to dump his old wife for a new younger one! Yet seriously, being a layman you do not want to know about filthy politics. You only want to see an effective politician servicing the rakyat (people).

To me the difference between Dr Chua’s sexual romps and those who are allowed to practice polygamy is, one is with the wife’s unhappy knowledge the other is with the wife’s supposed ignorance. The act is the same, in fact isn’t ignorance a bliss? By the look of things, his overconfidence turned out to be his worst enemy.

His resignation from public office was a loss to Malaysia and it did look that some people in his political group acknowledge his capability, that was why, despite everything they still voted him in as the Deputy President, riling his enemies who want to see him “politically dead”. They do not have the nation’s interest at heart, yet I have this niggling feeling that this is all about who is pulling the purse’s strings, who is getting those contracts of hospital supplies, equipments and projects. After all one hears that there has always been two camps, A and B in MCA. I ever came across an MCA man who admitted he joined the party in order to get contracts, he was just being stupidly arrogant! I was, in turn, speechless with disgust.

Okay, our Dr Chua is one of these political animals who also has to survive to keep his supporters happy as their salaries and allowances do not match those of the almost incorruptible Singaporean Ministers! The only way to keep a balance is to have the two-political party system of the US,UK,Australia. See how the Americans voted out the war-loving Republicans and replaced them with the more diplomatic Democrats? (how politically refreshing!). Otherwise, closer to home, how would anyone know the extravagances and corrupt practices of the former Head Minister (Menteri Besar) of Selangor had he still been in power? The Man, to the layman, is notoriously corrupt based on his use of public fund to take his family to Disneyland US and other private travels and what about his multi-million Bali-themed mansion?

As a layman. I would like to think that Dr Chua, being a professional, was not as outrightly corrupt and that he held to some basic principle of integrity as a politician. His face showed that, so it was rather shameful and vengeful that he was unceremoniously sacked from the party he loves months after the sex video revelation, and later with much brouhaha, suspended for four years, yes, four years, real mala fide if you asked me. I have no respect for the man who cut down his enemy’s legs and then invites him to a fight. How ungentlemanly and yet who says unsavory politicians are ever a gentleman? Such a vengeful man who plays dirty politics, is not good for MCA leadership and not good for Malaysia.

I pity the current lame Minister of Health who obviously cannot concentrate on his job with the goings on before him. Never mind Yang Berhormat (his excellency), you have clever pencil pushers around you to do the job!

Dr Chua may not be totally white, no politician is for that matter, but he brought a sense of duty and professionalism to his ministerial work. My lenses are getting misty with regret surrounding his unrealized potentials. What a waste!


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  1. Poor Chua Soi Lek.

    If only he has been more clever and not use the same hotel room everytime for his tyrsts with lovers.

    Its all his fault for being careless. A careless man makes a poor leader, as all war strategists say.

    On a serious note, being caught on video doing a fellatio is more serious thing as the law of Malaysia makes it an offence under section 377 Penal Code. Got evidence, how to run away from the arms of the law?

    Maybe being MCA Deputy President will make the police quietly turn away from pursuing this matter further?

    Such a pity, his carelessness did him in.

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