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The years 2015 and 2016 are truly depressing for many of us Malaysians. The 1MDB scandal is just not going away with all the tricks played by the protagonist. Tried as I might, I just can’t seem to feel easy with the ongoing issues related to this sovereign fund which has been sloppily managed by the very person we used to trust.

As a response to the people’s vocal comments and bold discussions on the scandal, certain websites and blogs have been shut down. This government has now shown its true colours. Freedom of speech  and expression is selectively defined to suit the power that be. It is a suffocating time.

The international press has given a wide coverage of the massive fund misappropriation with money trails around the actors from Malaysia, Singapore,the Middle East, Switzerland, Luxembourg, US and Hong Kong. Truly a financial debacle. And the Malaysian taxpayers are set to bear the burden of the billion Ringgit debt incurred by 1MDB’s management.

As 2016 wears on, the unhappiness and sense of anger that the people feel are mounting. Najib the Malaysian Prime Minister who established this fund and used it as if it belonged to him and his family is behaving as if nothing happens. Gosh, the shameless man is totally lacking in conscience. After the international investigators have wrapped up their various probes into this gargantuan money laundering outfit, I wonder whether the international community will even have a shred of respect for this man who leads Malaysia to financial disaster.


Najib Razak the infamous Prime Minister of Malaysia

Najib’s party supporters and sycophants are protecting him because he has the dirty money to fund them and they know the good times will not last once he is gone. These are the men and women who are without a tint of integrity. They have refused to understand the need to serve the nation instead they choose to serve a corrupt leader. The man himself has trampled on and destroyed all the institutions set up to ensure good governance and enforcement of laws to serve the citizens. We are truly doomed unless there is a divine intervention (yes, that is how desperate thinking Malaysians are).

Najib Razak please do us a favour. Please just disappear.


Lunar New Year of the Monkey 2016



It’s good that I could spare a moment to post this greeting to all my blog readers. Personal and works commitment have taken me away from blogging this year. But I intend to continue when time permits.

In four years of civil war in Syria, one of its most beautiful cities has met with total devastation. Watching the two-part documentary on Al Jazeera this evening, I could not help wondering how in this day and age this man-sponsored destruction could have taken place. I could understand if this occurred in the 13 th century but this is the 21 th century with advanced education and technology. 

There seemed to be a total breakdown in the art of negotiations and the absence of leaders who could persuade their people to think of the consequences of the civil war. The role played by superpowers like the U.S. And NATO countries doesn’t escape my rumination on the fate of the city and her people. Of course President Assad is not without blame, pummeling the city with bombs as if it was not part of his country. What kind of people who live in Syria? They would rather die than coming up with peace terms. I noted a crudely written banner which said ” Our city is destroyed but the revolution continues“. Very noble indeed and I thought this was a scripted Holywood movie!


The destruction of Aleppo (net image)

And I saw at the same times on CNN, BBC,CCTV and AlJazeera news, thousands of Syrian migrants on the Greek border fighting to board trains to Macedonia on their way to find sanctuary in Germany and other European countries. What kind of revolution is this when your people are running away in droves? The people left behind are suffering with massive infrastructures’ destruction, lack of foods,medicines and inhabitable buildings. Almost every family is affected.

 I cannot help shaking my head. Cooler heads are just not in the vocabulary of these people or are the people of Aleppo expecting the West to help them by enforcing no-fly zones like they shamelessly did in Libya?  They continue fighting Assad because they thought help was coming. Well how wrong they are! I too cannot help thinking that external powers of Iran and Russia, President Assad’s  erstwhile  supporters, have also contributed to the death of Aleppo.

A sad thought indeed. I don’t think Aleppo could be revived in my lifetime. The folly of man driven by hatred.

I have taken a breather from blogging for a couple of months but I have not stopped following the events in my beloved country. Those which evoke so much disappointment in me are the issues surrounding the current Prime Minister, Najib Razak and his gang of “intellectually-challenged” but loyal supporters with abnormal conscience.

For those who are not familiar with what I am talking about, you can google “1MDB scandal” and my international readers can visit the website “Sarawak Reports” (SR) which is currently banned in Malaysia due to its revelations on alleged corruption involving Najib and his high-flying family. You can also get some precise and sleek information and analyses (blogs) on 1MDB here and here.

The fact that he is both the Prime Minister as well as the Finance Minister has not been lost on the people. This dual portfolio has enabled him to blindfold the system of check and balance and open the floodgate of gleeful abuse of position.

Najib has too much power for Malaysia's good, declared a news portal and I thoroughly agreed.

Najib has too much power for Malaysia’s good, declared Financial Times and I thoroughly agreed.

The damning revelation by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) early in July this year about USD700 million being credited into Najib’s personal account at a private bank before the General Election in 2013, is the hardest for us to accept. After a period of hesitancy, he finally admitted that the remittance into his account was from a Middle Eastern donor. In terms of Malaysian currency that amount is about RM2.6 billion. Now why would a donor want to donate that humongous amount to Najib Razak? Do you think if he were an ordinary citizen he would get that kind of dizzying amount of donation? The fact that he is the current Prime Minister of Malaysia makes this both an integrity as well as a national security issue. And the Malaysian Anti-corruption Council Acts have very clear provisions under this topic of “donation” to a public servant. The donation constitutes corruption.

This “donation” (which many people do not believe as being donated but instead think that this money is part of the 1MDB transactions making a merry-go-rounds in the process of being laundered), was unknown to all his party members before the WSJ and SR’s exposures. Instead of stepping down and allowing commissioned public servants to investigate this infraction, Najib Razak refuses to do so and before our very eyes, rapidly engineered his way to scupper all kinds of investigations. All these established investigating mechanisms are effectively dismantled as he and his gang of crooked political supporters are now accusing those who question him of wanting to topple the government and acting against parliamentary democracy. How low can you stoop Najib?

The selective amnesia and total indifference by Najib Razak and his gang of boot lickers on this integrity issue of “donation” is incomprehensible. They display an utter lack of values on what is right and what is wrong. They are all clearly becoming selectively psychotic (out of touch with reality) on this moral and legal issue.

There are incredible spins by his supporters whom Najib has labelled as “not smart but loyal”, the latest of which is that the money was donated by Saudi Arabia for Malaysia’s fight against IS (Islamic State) but just a year ago (2014) Najib was singing praises of the brutal terrorist group and the donation ostensibly as gratification for opposing Islamic State  was actually credited into his personal bank account in 2013. Got him, the lying swine! When you tell lies you can never be consistent.

Najib Razak you are not only a liar but a cheat as well. He said he had never used the “donation” for his personal gain but concurrently is not detailing openly how he has disbursed the RM2.6 billion (RM2,600,000,000.00 million). The latest Sarawak Reports revealed that he spent more than USD1million on his credit cards while holidaying with his family in Europe after the General Election in 2013. There are people who feel compelled to tell Malaysians and the World about the corrupt activities of this low down serf.

I respect the post of the Prime Minister but I have totally lost respect for Najib Razak. He is an embarrassment to our country.

His dastardly acts cannot be forgotten ( one day he will be brought to justice, Allah/God Willing). His legacy is one big black dot. And he may well be long remembered as the most sinister Prime Minister in our political history.

For as long as the Prime Minister Najib is not able to answer the question on where the rest of the loan of the 42 billion taken by the Malaysian government sovereign fund 1MDB is, the so-called crisis between him and the ex-long serving Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir (1981-2003), will continue. Never had any past PM taken such a massive short-term loan for long-term development and what is worse, he is unable to account for it.

No one else in Malaysia would dare to question Najib on financial mismanagement of  such a gigantic proportion, if not for the straight talking and no nonsense ex-PM who is 90 years old (I pray for his health and longevity to see this scandal through). Najib is accusing Dr Mahathir of having self-interest in the issue but many of us do not buy it.

Najib is saying that Malaysia would be paralysed if BN (National Front) lost in the next General Election as the opposition is in disarray. Well, for people who have made up their mind, they wouldn’t care. Paralyse or not, they don’t want BN to be led by Najib.

PM Najib on the left. Just answer the question Najib and end this crisis and no need to point your finger.

PM Najib on the left and Dr Mahathir. Just answer the question, Najib and end this crisis and no need to point your finger at the old man. (Photo – Malaysiakini)

As for me, I will not vote for BN for as long as Najib is the President of UMNO (United Malay national Organisation) the main component party of the ruling BN simply because I value integrity in a leader and Najib lacks tons of it. In the meantime, let’s see whether  he can answer Dr Mahathir’s question on the “missing billion” and how long does he take to do just that.

Najib has not yet answered satisfactorily, instead he asked Arul Kanda the new CEO of 1MDB to do so and the latter quickly proceeded by presenting the fund’s debt allocations into “boxes” and shove them to the newspapers to be printed for public consumption.

Being both the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister, the check and balance is virtually absent allowing the PM to do practically anything he likes, even bypassing the cabinet. No one in their right mind would agree that this is a healthy practice.

Just answer the question truthfully, Najib and end this crisis.

When Adenan Satem became the new Chief Minister of Sarawak through the goodness of the previous long serving and allegedly corrupt Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud, many people were quite apprehensive. Here comes another would be corrupt politician. But surprise, surprise this man who was supposedly sick once, was quick to announce that he would not stand corruption and that all those illegal timber loggings would be stopped and perpetrators would be punished. He talked brave.

Adenan Satem went on to denounce any illegal immigration to Sarawak and warned against those caught hiding illegal immigrants. He was also alleged to be strongly against the entry of peninsular-based Malay party UMNO into Sarawak. He appears incorruptible and extremely patriotic. Well and good, a reasonable man indeed. I was impressed. After all this man is university-educated.

Today’s news at this portal baffled me and now I suspect, Adenan Satem is not that intelligent let alone analytically-minded. He is saying Najib Razak as Malaysian PM did more for Sarawak in a shorter time than Mahathir who was Prime Minister for 22 years! Think Adenan Satem, use your brain. There was political stability during Mahathir’s time when he consistently received two third majority at the General Elections. During that period, Taib Mahmud was the Chief Minister of Sarawak and busy enriching himself and his family and Sarawakians were somehow quiet except for the Penans. Najib came to power when the ruling coalition is already weakened and that it requires parliamentary seats in Sarawak and Sabah, known as “fixed deposits” to prop it up in power.Without these he would not be the Prime Minister as they lost big here in the Peninsular.

Give some credit to Najib despite being labelled as clueless and not that intelligent, he knows if he wants to stay in power with those wealth and private jets privileges, he has to “bribe” the people who could help him politically. So Adenan Satem, are you intelligent enough to deduce that all those “assistance” that Najib has given to Sarawak actually comes with a hidden agenda? Had he comfortably won the last General Election in 2013, he would do exactly like his previous predecessors did to Sarawak before. By the way, Najib is doing the same thing to Sabah, giving them more allocations to win the people’s hearts and mind to lull them into thinking that he is good so keep voting for him to continue plundering.

But I am also inclined to think that Adenan’s support for Najib gets the backing of the previous Chief Minister Taib Mahmud who is now the Governor of Sarawak based on Najib’s recommendation to the King of Malaysia. And knowing the age of Taib, who knows Adenan is also harbouring the thought of being the next Sarawak’s governor, so it’s safe for him to bet on Najib. Najib and his wife Rosmah’s association with the previous CM of Sarawak is well known. Who was it that sponsored the fashion show by Rosmah in Monaco complete with Prince Albert in tow a few years ago? You can find it in the Sarawak report website.

Adenan Satem, the current chief Minister of Sarawak.

Adenan Satem, the current Chief Minister of Sarawak, needs to think laterally and control his mouth. (net image)

Dear Adenan Satem please don’t make a fool of yourself. Nobody gives something for nothing in this world. And stop belittling and bad mouthing Dr Mahathir who has done a lot for Malaysia economically unlike Najib who lacks integrity in dealing with the nation’s wealth through the mismanagement of 1MDB.

As the calls for Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak to step down are gathering steam, the man has decided to fight back by using social media and going around the county to shore up support for him. In the meantime the attacks by the ex-long serving PM have become more vicious. The latest is on Najib’s changing reply (lying in Parliament) on the status of the fund brought back from the Cayman Island and kept in a bank in Singapore. This information was disputed by the bank telling the press that there was no money being parked in its premises.

Coming back to the embattled Najib who wants so desperately remain as the PM that he has stooped so low that he plays the emotional appeal card wherever he goes. When he went to Sabah a few weeks ago, he expressly wanted to go to Tawau where there is the largest number of Bugis ethnic group in the state. He told the large crowd that he was a Bugis much to the delight of this migrant population that have become Malaysian and hence voters cum UMNO ( United Malay National Organisation), members, the dominant coalition component of the ruling BN (National Front)”.

When he was in Johor, he told the crowd there that 50% blood in his body is Johor’s blood as his mother is from Johor. And recently when he visited Pahang, his home state, he told the crowd holding Pahang’s flags ( yes, the state flag, not Malaysian national flag), that the Sultan ( the hereditary king of the state) supported him. He also has been noted to tell people not to forget that his father Razak Hussein was the second PM of Malaysia and that the late old man had done a lot to develop particularly the rural areas. By the way, the sultan is supposed to be above politics and if they want to join politics they should abdicate and face the people in a democratic election!

Now, what have all these “connections” got to do with his massive financial mismanagement of the country’s fund through 1MDB? Obviously Najib’s position has become tenuous and he is grappling  every single loose planks floating in the sea to save himself. Here is a weak leader who desperately wants to hold on to power at all cost. A shameless leader who has no clue about integrity. His conflict of interest is glaring in 1MDB financial fiasco, being both the PM and the Minister of Finance. The most honorable step for him is to resign but he has repeatedly announced that he would not make that decision. He tries hard to deflect public and UMNO members’ attention by asking them to stay united…. Balderdash! To stay united and support his poor leadership and grand scale financial mismanagement of the people’s money? Give me a break.

Najib’s behavior has become erratic. By calling himself a Bugis, he is actually segregating the Malays who have long ago sidelined their various ethnic ancestry in order to become united as a formidable political force in the country. Najib’s lack of intelligence is highlighted under these circumstances. He is no leader. It was Mahathir ‘s folly to have chosen such a nitwit as our PM. He totally fails us the rakyat (citizens). The worst thing is he is deluded into thinking that people are supporting him.

Najib please disappear. Your desperation to cling to power is pathetic.

I have been following the saga of 1MDB (Malaysia Development Berhad), the investment arm of the Malaysian Ministry of Finance established by the Prime Minister cum the Minister of Finance, Najib Razak.

Following the exposure of the “hanky-panky” in the company by the whistle-blower site, the Sarawak Report, the Malaysian opposition has had a field day in hammering Najib on the alleged financial mismanagement and likely fraud involving billion of ringgit (1USD = RM 3.71). The current biggest critic of 1MDB, particularly of PM Najib is the ex-long-serving Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir and he is asking the former to step down as the Prime Minister to save the ruling coalition from being routed in the next General election in 2018. Najib has yet to answer satisfactorily on the alleged missing 27 billion out of 1MDB’s 42 billion debt and his glaring conflict of interest in the whole affair.

Now Najib is on the defensive mode. He would not step down and now garnering the support of his UMNO members. He is going around the country to tell his brand of the story sans explanations on the missing billion. The divisional leaders seem to believe whatever he says and they have come out to support him. He also used his meeting with UMNO leaders to come out with statements that the whole UMNO was being threatened and of course the leaders backed him vociferously ( as these people also depend on the PM for lucrative contracts). Some Bloggers known to be close to Najib have also jumped on the bandwagon. And lately I noticed that many English sounding names have been trolling the online media to demonise Dr Mahathir.

One prominent UMNO blogger has mounted personal attacks on the former PM. It is said that he had an axe to grind with the ex-PM and more importantly he is eyeing for the post of the Chief Minister of the State of Sabah failing which as the next Governor: these two positions are at the discretion of the PM. He with Najib’s “blind” supporters are being theatrical in this 1MDB massive financial scandal.

I have made up my mind about the current ruling Coalition and its clueless and corrupt leader. I cannot wait to do my duty as a voter in GE 2018 , or  earlier should there be  a snap election.Let’s hope more voters are with me. I am done with supporting this Coalition all these years.